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a morbid fear of dogs

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He had developed a fear of dogs and his injuries meant that he had been left with permanent scarring.
London, Oct 05 (ANI): American author and entrepreneur Gotham Chopra has revealed in his new book that it was his beloved pet pooch Cleo that helped late Michael Jackson overcome his fear of dogs.
These might include "those with a fear of dogs, for example, or asthmasufferers who may be sensitive to dog hair".
He was ridiculed in the Police Review magazine and national newspapers in 2008 after using his role as the Association of Chief Police Officers' adviser on dogs to draw up guidelines that serving dog handlers argued could have seen searches put on hold if anyone in the house had an allergy or fear of dogs.
Others are rising to more personal challenges, including Bishop who struggles to keep from rocking while trying to overcome his fear of dogs.
It is hard to say where these phobias come from and they often change as children grow up - some classic examples are fear of dogs, of the dark, of ghosts and monsters, as well as much stronger fears such as fear of dying and, natural disasters.
He's even showing school pals how to get over their own fear of dogs.
Don't ask me how I remembered but I recalled a friend of mine, who has a fear of dogs, telling me I should always stay still if attacked.
Playing on his irrational fear of dogs, they punish him by using him as the quarry in their annual Christmas hunt.
Handlers must be mature, articulate, assertive, and self-motivated Soldiers who have no fear of dogs.
These included "sleep management"; "yelling, loud music, and light control: used to create fear, disorient detainee, and prolong capture shock"; and "presence of military working dogs: exploits Arab fear of dogs.
A TEENAGER with a fear of dogs plunged to his death from a cliff-top path after a pet ran up to him, an inquest in Truro heard yesterday.
A statement from his grieving family said they were extremely proud of the work he did, particularly working with the Pet Paws charity which helps dog attack victims overcome their fear of dogs.
Pets bring a lot of joy, love, and comfort into our lives, so I can understand your wanting to get over your fear of dogs.
A colleague with severe allergies or an overwhelming fear of dogs won't be comfortable around the best-behaved canine.