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a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

the main house on a ranch or large estate

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Since August 2003 the Company has focused on creating production efficiencies at the Fazenda Brasileiro Mine, constructing the Fazenda Nova, Sao Francisco and Chapada Mines, discovering high priority exploration targets and acquisition of other high quality properties in Latin America.
Municipal/ Property State Value (R$) Fazenda Terra Preta Pedregulho/SP 8.
A table summarizing the reserves and resources for each of DSM and Yamana' projects is provided as follows: Resources Summary Measured Indicated tonnes grade tonnes grade (000s) (g/t) (000s) (g/t) Fazenda Brasileiro - UG (1) 974 2.
On the exploration front, Yamana has allocated approximately $9 million in 2006 to an exploration program focusing primarily on the Itapicuru greenstone belt north of Fazenda Brasileiro and on the Santa Elina Gold Belt primarily in areas between Sao Francisco and Sao Vicente.
He's been spotted enjoying visits to the NYL bar and restaurant at Aloft hotel on North John Street and also Fazenda in Exchange Flags.
He became a coffee farmer with a Fazenda in Parana and also found time to pursue his interests in painting and photography.
7 million for the quarter ended September 30, 2005 from the sale of 24,946 ounces of gold from the Fazenda Nova and the Fazenda Brasileiro mines.
LIVERPOOL restaurant Fazenda will pay tribute to football legend Howard Kendall as part of an exhibition of sporting art prints.
Made using 100% Brazil Fazenda Pantano Beans, Jimmy Strength is named after a real larger-than-life Berwick character.
Two other coffees in the competition also qualified for the Cup of Excellence Presidential Award by achieving a score of 90 points or above: Lot #2, Fazenda Parafso of Conceifao das Pedras with 90.
In the beginning of this year, the Fazenda Sao Marcelo - a Brazilian farm also located in Tangara da Serra - was the first farm to receive the RAC seal in the world and will be now the "green cattle" supplier for Marfrig.
Stonehenge is very well known, but people are still trying to find out what it was built for and we thought that doing this research would bring an element of archaeology that so far hasn't been looked at," lead researcher, Bruno Fazenda said.
Bahia: Camacan, Serra Bonita, Fazenda Uiracu, trilha da Bapeba, 15[degrees]23'30"S, 39[degrees]33'55"W, 890 m, 22 Oct 2009, C.
The Danish-registered company recently completed the planting of the Fazenda Santa Maria plantation, which occupies 206 hectares of prime forestry land in the north-eastern Atlantic coast state of Bahia.
In the Fazenda Alpina area where he lives, Perfista said uncovered bodies still lay on the ground and the injured were left to suffer on their own because no relief had yet reached them.