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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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For example, a company may obtain a recipient's consent by requesting a fax number on an application form that includes a clear statement indicating that by providing such fax number, the recipient agrees to receive fax advertisements from the company.
When we changed our original fax number in 2000, everyone was informed,' she said.
Businesses can emphasize community presence through the use of local fax numbers in 34 Canadian cities
You will find full addresses, telephone and fax number information, contact names, and descriptions of services (including publications, seminars/courses, legislative services, etc.
5, Orlando 32801; phone number is 407/849-5256; fax number is 407/849-9022; and e-mail address is pittsburghslim@aol.
It used a local BRE and fax number, but the local phone number was removed and it mailed via USPS.
The bureau's telephone number is 212-514-9559; the fax number is 212-514- 9605.
Allen's phone number is 863/519-0583, fax number is 863/519-0584, and e-mail address is eallen@ithink.
Cory Kerstiens at telephone number 303-234-5300, fax number, 303-234-5340; or H.
Beach 33402, fax number 561/655-3158, and his e-mail is jfarish@bellsouth.
Each guest is assigned a confidential fax number during his or her hotel stay, which is automatically disabled on check-out.
205, Palm Beach 33480-4204; phone number 561/653-3153, fax number 561/655-2271.
Just as merge printing creates multiple versions of a page, each customized to a single addressee, merge faxing works with most Windows word processing software to create custom pages that each invisibly embed a fax number.
Each guest is automatically assigned a unique private fax number for the duration of their stay.
The telephone number and fax number will remain 602-952-9532 and 602-952-8789 respectively.