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Synonyms for fax

duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio

send something via a facsimile machine

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That's why it's not rare to see fax machines throughout the offices of aerospace behemoth Boeing, a Chicago-based company that prides itself on technological prowess.
Simon, along with Ken Womack of Adona Digital (formerly PTS Office Automation) and Brett Rogers of Capital Business Machines, all of Little Rock, agree that privacy and protection are big factors in the continued livelihood of fax machines.
Sharp's UX-340L and UX-345L models have all the bells and whistles found on other moderately priced fax machines, such as caller ID display, automatic cover sheet writer, 15-second-per-page transmission, and 10-sheet document feeder What makes this duo so special is they use low-cost routing (LCR), which allows them to automatically choose the cheapest available long distance carrier every time an outgoing, tax or phone call is made.
Based on the Facsimile Market Share Year-End Report for 1999, a recent study from Dataquest, a subsidiary of the Garnter Group, Sharp Electronics has reclaimed its leadership role and "number one" status in the business fax machine marketplace by selling the most units in 1999.
Services offered by Fax2Net include fax-over-IP from fax machines and desktop computers, email fax, web based fax, fax and voice mailbox, and fax-to-Internet messaging integration.
Panasonic has unveiled a thermal fax machine with a built-in 900MHz cordless phone.
In addition to these obvious problems, it is necessary to verify that the information sent via fax came from the source indicated, as it is easy to reprogram a fax machine to make the transmission appear to have come from somewhere else.
Clara Degen, publications manager at the San Francisco headquarters, says it takes about four hours to modem-send the newsletter to 65 fax machines.
The fax machine created a demand for quicker service, according to Kenneth Flinn, owner of Sudbury-based Lockerby Courier.
This flexibility ensures the best possible image quality when receiving from lower-resolution fax machines.
In order to eliminate fax machine waste and energy, MyFax, a leading Internet fax service provider, is rewarding consumers and businesses alike who properly dispose of their fax machines through a recycling center or charitable organization.
The issue has been brewing for years, with PUC officials arguing that new area codes are needed as the public becomes more reliant on cell phones and fax machines.
With an estimated 58 million fax machines installed worldwide in hotels, copy centers, businesses, in-flight lounges, home offices and other facilities, the Wireless Hardcopy solution gives mobile professionals a viable solution for remote printing of time sensitive, complex, or detailed information, like contracts and maps.
When tied into an Internet site, a client can select information about a company's product and services and request that it be sent to their fax machines or e-mail addresses on the spot, without having to wait the next day to call the office.
NEW YORK--As the home and small office market continues its steady growth, manufacturers expect fax machines to maintain a permanent place alongside the PC, printer and scanner.