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English conspirator who was executed for his role in a plot to blow up James I and the Houses of Parliament (1570-1606)


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5 you see people celebrate what is called Guy Fawkes Day.
Did I say Guy Fawkes is now the ultimate symbol of protest?
Although her drinking was prodigious and her encounters with such figures as Daniel Farson (broadcaster and chronicler of Soho), Jeffrey Bernard (professional alcoholic) and Liverpool's George Melly (jazz singer and writer) were profoundly entertaining, Sandy Fawkes still managed to run a successful, if haphazard, career as a writer.
Guards broke into the cellars and arrested Guy Fawkes and his friends, who were tortured and executed.
It's called the Gunpowder Plot, |and bonfires are lit to burn the "Guy" - a 'dummy' that represents Fawkes.
Encourage children to dress up and make their own Guy Fawkes masks.
CUTLINE: (1) Carrie Rowan and Adrienne Fawkes entertain concert-goers at the Holden Senior Center recently.
Anonymous has adopted the Guy Fawkes mask, designed by 'V for Vendetta' illustrator David Lloyd, as a symbol for its social crusade.
Every year, the Edenbridge Bonfire Society chooses a different 'celebrity hate figure' to take the place of the traditional Guy Fawkes.
My mother's brief encounter ROSALIE FAWKES treasures this photograph of her mother Lady Fawkes with the Queen during a royal visit to the Bahamas in 1966.
Photography teacher Julian Fawkes was convicted of assaulting a boy of 13 who he wrongly thought had his missing wallet.
History's not my strongpoint, but as I understand it a chap called Guy Fawkes tried to blow up Parliament, but couldn't get the gunpowder to go off.
The surname of its best remembered protagonist, Guy Fawkes, led to many pictorial puns on 'fox' and the plot itself, together with effigies, masks and bonfires, continues to be used as a satirical tool by cartoonists.