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an alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledge


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I reject the view that, under either Mr Blair or Mr Brown, some sort of Faustian pact was forged between the government and Rupert Murdoch involving commercial concessions to him in return for support from his newspapers.
One could argue that there are those who make their career out of being famous and those people do enter into a Faustian Pact, where they use the press to raise their profile.
This Faustian bargain forces hard-pressed administrators to choose between the statistics that will preserve their jobs and mortgage payments--namely, grades 3-8 test scores in reading and math--and the statistics that may have more lasting value, including kindergarten reading readiness, student engagement, faculty collaboration, and effective leadership feedback.
Knox (1791-1862) is now known as the Faustian anatomist whose hunger for corpses to dissect led to murder, for which he fled the country and traveled with an Indian circus until he died in poverty.
I believe Carlos Moya has formed a Faustian pact with power-hungry robots in a lastditch attempt to regain his World No.
Our Cheryl remains the nation's best-loved convicted Geordie brawler, Simon Cowell has banked another billion and the probably-gay one beat off the possibly-gay one to seal his Faustian pact with pop-culture obscurity.
From the standpoint of an observer, this year's TIFF seemed rife with examples of Faustian imagery and demarcation between the nature
Bucchianeri's analysis includes new insights into the life, times and contemporaries of the historical Faustus, a study of Faustian folk tales, Marlowe's Elizabethan drama, Faustian puppet plays and glimpses into the fragments of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's Faust drama.
Also provided is a detailed study of the first Faust books and popular Faustian folktales; original discussions on Christopher Marlowe's drama (including a unique and controversial analysis of the A and B texts of the play); the Faust puppet plays; and Gotthold Ephraim Lessing's unfinished Faust drama.
A Faustian Foreign Policy from Woodrow Wilson to George W.
That beast is the narrator herself, an anonymous writer who negotiates a Faustian bargain with Jim Tobold, the self-styled "King of Hamburgers" whose fast-food empire has consumed the entire world, just as the entire world consumes his burgers.
It's a Faustian arrangement that blends the irony and terror of murder with a pact that could rescue or condemn Guy in this excellent mystery.
But Diane, who writes the checks, holds out a Faustian bargain.
Literature has recruited this symbol in tales of meeting the devil at the crossroads at midnight or embracing the Faustian bargain to barter the soul in return for what is mortally desirable.
Better than any other recent book, Husain Haqqani's brilliant Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military explains the Faustian bargain that the United States has struck with Pakistan in the war on terror.