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an alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledge


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The Faust legends, Goethe's recreation of the folklore, and then Barbier's masterful libretto from Goethe have provided such a story.
Mephistopheles, in the Faust legend, is the name of the evil spirit in return for whose assistance Faust signs away his soul.
The Arc-based Boss company tackles the Faust legend at the Stockton arts complex tonight and tomorrow.
The Faust legend is no stranger to musical setting.
0 (18) is a modern Spanish reworking of the Faust legend about the man who trades his soul in return for power and pleasure.
The story of Weldon's she-devil has been read as a reworking of the Faust legend, [1] and, indeed, that narrative, particularly in Goethe's Romantic version, provides a rich contrast between how masculine desire and activity relate to narrative and how Ruth's claim to desire and activity initiate narrative.
The same actors play figures from the Faust legend (folk-pop singer Suzzy Roche makes a delicious devil) as well as characters from Olga's in a style closer to dance than to kitchen-sink drama.
The interpretations that Alford proposes of Greek tragedy, as well as of the Faust legend are suggestive, as is his trenchant critique of popular culture.
The literary tradition of the Faust legend is a kind of cautionary tale about the dangers of calling up the dead from life, as are the more suspicious and fearful tales connected with everything from Ouija boards (vigorously condemned by the priests of our parish when they enjoyed a vogue in my youth) to the cinema versions of the walking dead associated in folklore with zombies and the like.
Pacific FAUST (Gounod) - New Production With Jonas Kaufmann in the title role, Rene Pape as the devil, and Marina Poplavskaya as Marguerite, Gounod's classic retelling of the Faust legend couldn't be better served.