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(Roman mythology) ancient rural deity

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AlgoAlerts is a unique development of Faunus Analytics based on its financial scoring technology, used to assist the largest international banks, investment firms and telcos in solving complex business tasks.
Originally a festival for shepherds, it was celebrated in honour of Faunus.
Affirmation through catharsis turns into negation aiming at a higher level of metamorphosis as Coleman Silk meets his "Helen of Nothing", as she calls herself, Faunia (the feminine form of Faunus, Roman god of nature and fertility; the Greek parallel is Artemis).
In the last couple of years he had been unable to afford nominations to high-class horses, and the majority of his mares had been covered by horses of his own breeding who had no reputations as sires, namely Labus, Kouban and Faunus.
The Duke of Urbin is the play's comic butt, duped and outwitted by his enterprising daughter Dulcimel in a court farce partly presided over and partly orchestrated by his fellow duke, Hercules of Ferrara, who has inveigled himself into the royal entourage in the shape of Faunus the parasite.
After a methodological premise on the use of myths and their relationship to social memory the first, and longest, section of the book is a detailed analysis of the myths dealing with shadowy figures such as Evander, Picus, Faunus and Cacus.
Faunus Group International and FW Capital facilitated the transactions and provide the group with a flexible working capital facility of $12 million at closing.
com)-- iOption Group and Faunus Analytics LLC announce a joint project to develop unique trading signals system for binary option trading.
This enormously rich section of the book covers eleven epyllia, running from Thomas Lodge's Scillaes Metamorphosis of 1589 to John Weever's Faunus and Melliflora, published in 1600.
This renders more accurately Bembo's lines, while a greater emphasis on this physical process makes more accessible the clever terminology of the subsequent lines (where the aging Faunus acknowledges that he has perhaps made too great an issue of such a small matter as his inability to allure the young lovers who cavort around him--a cognitive analogue to his body's physiological response of making great things [magna] out of small [parva]).
John Weever, for instance, in Faunus and Melliflora (1600), praises "the excellency,/Of the Rhamnusian Scourge of Villainy.
She analyzes EBB's poems "To Flush, My Dog" and "Flush or Faunus," as well as the "counter-discourse of contingency, affect and care" in EBB's response to Flush's three abductions by dog-stealers, leading the poet to resist arguments based on "abstract principle" vigorously advanced by Browning, her father, and her brothers against paying the ransom (p.