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(Roman mythology) ancient rural deity

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In Roman mythology, Faunus is equivalent to the Greek god Pan.
Supported by Faunus Group International and FW Capital, the deals supply the group with a flexible working capital facility of $12 million at closing.
Discussing EBB's poems "To Flush, My Dog" and "Flush or Faunus," along with her "epistolary relationship" with Mary Russell Mitford, Morrison argues that "the emotional intensity of Barrett and Mitford's relationship is largely transacted through Flush," as an "unorthodox intimacy and kinship between two women of different generations is displaced onto the equally unorthodox relationship they have to their respective cocker spaniels" (pp.
14 Latinus too is addressed as 'king outstanding scion of Faunus,' which Servius ad loc.
1 1 cambeforti Genier Eurysternus 1 2 velutinus Bates Glaphyrocanthon 2 4 quadriguttatus Glaphyrocanthonx 1 quadriguttatus (Olivier) Hansreia affinis 4 3 (Fabricius) Onthophagus haematopus Harold[omicron] Onthophagus 3 4 3 rubrescens Blanchard Onthophagus xanthomerus Bates [omicron] Oxysternonx 4 2 xanthomerus Bates [omicron] Oxysternon 4 5 3 durantoni Arnaud Oxysternon 3 13 3 festivum (Linne) Oxysternon silenus Castelnau[omicron] Phanaeus bispinus Bates * Phanaeus cambeforti Arnaud[omicron] Phanaeus chalcomelas 3 1 2 (Perty) Scybalocanthon 3 3 pygidialis (Schmidt) Sulcophanaeus faunus (Fabricius)[omicron] Sylvicanthon candezei 1 (Harold) Tetramereia convexa 1 1 (Harold) * Trichocanthon 4 19 15 26 sordidus Harold Uroxys sp.
12) Boccaccio most likely knew the work of Claudian while he was composing Comedia delle ninfe fiorentine and certainly had encountered him by the time of the first edition of Faunus, in 1341-42 (Velli 265).
17 (velox amoenum saepe Lucretilem / mutat Lycaeo Faunus, swift Faunus often exchanges striking Lucretilis for Lycaeus, 1.
La mayoria de las narraciones greco-romanas (desde Homero hasta Hercules y la historia del Rey Faunus o el caballo de Troya) hacen hincapie en el rol que ha jugado historicamente la hospitalidad (del latin hospitium) como barrera en la construccion y/o aceptacion de la otredad.
Swig Equities announced that it has signed a new lease with Faunus Group International (FGI) at 80 Broad Street, a 400,000 s/f commercial office building located in the FiDi (Financial District) neighborhood.
Horny, of satyrs; or Faunus, the foolish god who spies on Diana bathing in Spenser's Cantos of Mutabilitie: the horn of river-gods, those ravishers.
At her instigation Faunus refuses to fund Beryn's 'rebawdry' any longer.
Pan is another version of the Faun, or Roman god Faunus, in "The
Schroeder, "Miles Coverdale as Actaeon, as Faunus, and as October," Papers on Language and Literature 2 (1966): 126-39; and Louis Auchincloss, "The Blithedale Romance: A Study of Form and Point of View," Nathaniel Hawthorne Journal 1972 (Washington, D.
Originally a festival for shepherds, it was celebrated in honour of Faunus.