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ancient Italian deity in human shape, with horns, pointed ears and a goat's tail

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Then the fauns and satyrs gathered round the Lady, wondering at her beauty, pitying her "fair blubbered face.
There was a thing--something about a faun in French--which Helen went into ecstasies over, but I thought it most tinkling and superficial, and said so, and I held to my opinion too.
the move follows an account of elves, fauns and even a centaur being seen by scientist Robert Ogilvie Crombie.
BRISTOL band The Fauns release their impressive second album, four years after their selftitled debut in 2009.
The Narnia is a magical world where, humans, fauns, dryads, elves, druids, satyrs, dwarves, witches and sorcerers, evil spirits, minotaurs, goblins, wreaths and of course talking animals, all live in strange harmony.
Instead of fauns, the self-styled Fantasy Boys wandered around half-naked.
Finding links between Faulkner the young romantic poet and Faulkner the adult modernist fiction writer has proven difficult; the exuberant but melancholy singer of nymphs and fauns seems, at most, perhaps reborn as a sardonic aspect of the mature writer's complex and multifaceted ego, a narrative persona adopted primarily to make fun of itself.
This month his unorthodox version of Afternoon of a Faun--think six fauns instead of one (Dendy originally made this as a duet)--opens at the Washington Ballet.
These tiny fauns, called panisci (a word related to "panic"), are the key to Dempsey's argument that Poliziano alone could have devised such a program.
The book tells the story of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, who step through a magic wardrobe into Narnia, once the peaceful land of Talking Beasts, Dwarfs, Giants and Fauns, but now frozen into winter by the evil White Witch.
In an earlier series, "Variations on Rubens," 1986-93, fauns and maidens frolic amid swirls of richly saturated colors surrou nded and supported by bold checkerboards of primary and secondary hues; this antiphonal discourse is both raucous and reassuring, as nothing is out of control in a structural system that both sustains and provokes natural exuberance.
And the whole thing ends with a silly, gorgeous, and ultimately ecstatic duet by Dendy and Keigwin as two Nijinsky fauns.
The exhibition also shows Picasso's imaginative world of harpies, fauns and minotaurs.
Once there, the children discover a charming world inhabited by talking beasts, dwarfs, fauns, centaurs and giants that has become cursed to eternal winter by the evil White Witch, Jadis.
I never liked the idea of fauns very much: half man, half goat, lazy, useless, oversexed, mythological creatures with barnyard habits living in the woods.