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United States novelist (originally Falkner) who wrote about people in the southern United States (1897-1962)

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In Jeffery Renard Allen's phenomenal, difficult, exhilarating, exhausting, glorious and unforgettable Song of the Shank--a Faulknerian tour-de-force in which Tom's history is continually bent, heightened and remade--the prodigy's prowess knows no bounds.
The Vintage Books edition of McCarthy's Suttree, which followed Child of God in 1979, includes on its cover a blurb from the Washington Postnaming McCarthy as "Perhaps the closest we have to a genuine heir to the Faulknerian tradition.
Here Capitol morphs with Charlotte Rittenmeyer, an artist character in one of the alternating stories in Faulkner's The Wild Palms--the third Faulknerian novel to enter Acker's life of Rimbaud.
I will start with a disclaimer and a deferral: this scholarly search to find what might be "hiding on the surface of the Faulknerian text" from and about New Orleans began as a personal quest for kinship within the Vieux Carre.
Given the number of visitors coming to Oxford at that time to see the various Faulkner sites-all of them arriving at different times-Harrington and Abadie decided it might be useful to unify them in a single group by staging a Faulkner conference, which, among other things, would tour the Faulkner sites, as well as bring in Faulkner scholars to present papers on all things Faulknerian," explains Dr.
What is clear is that Cepeda only plunged full force into his most serious and recognized work, the Faulknerian meditation on violence, patriarchy, and politics, La casa grande (1962), when he was led to believe that his life was threatened by a serious illness.
Fuentes's autobiography is Faulknerian in the extravagance of its language and leaps of imagination.
Taylor's paintings communicate an overall feeling of laboriousness--of Faulknerian weight and burden.
By all accounts, Jefferson was driven by a different aim, one that lends to his saga an air of Faulknerian tragedy.
de Joaquin Jorda), "Fathers and virgins: Garcia Marquez's Faulknerian Chronicle of a death foretold" de John S.
Fiction" is a Faulknerian narrative of sexuality, race, and deviance that at once finds the contemporary equivalent to Faulkner's interrogation of the Jim Crow South, the sexually-active yet cerebral-palsied Marcus, and simultaneously takes Faulkner's original conceit, sexual racism, and inserts it into a complex new reception context.
This reviewer counts four specific alterations of style: the Gothic lyricism of his Appalachian novels; the Faulknerian maximalism of Suttree; the biblical rhetoric of his opus, Blood Meridian; and the harsh poeticism of his masterful Border Trilogy.
The label describes it as "a wholesome combo of Faulknerian images, American Gothic sensibilities and down-home melodies.
Orpheus Descending'' runs long - three hours with two intermissions - but the energy never lags and the violent, almost Faulknerian conclusion is shocking even if you know it's coming.