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United States novelist (originally Falkner) who wrote about people in the southern United States (1897-1962)

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In this essay, I will argue that Mosquitoes is more Faulknerian than we have supposed, and that recognizing its place in the author's development requires that we rethink how we read not only the novel, but also the pivotal "moment" of Faulkner's career, when, as Andre Bleikasten famously put it, Faulkner became "Faulkner" (3).
In Jeffery Renard Allen's phenomenal, difficult, exhilarating, exhausting, glorious and unforgettable Song of the Shank--a Faulknerian tour-de-force in which Tom's history is continually bent, heightened and remade--the prodigy's prowess knows no bounds.
We left before dawn, heading out in Faulknerian fashion to stalk the bear.
I'm not sure the degree of that statement's applicability to Hawthorne fully registered with me, but it makes sense that it came from a Faulknerian.
Given the number of visitors coming to Oxford at that time to see the various Faulkner sites-all of them arriving at different times-Harrington and Abadie decided it might be useful to unify them in a single group by staging a Faulkner conference, which, among other things, would tour the Faulkner sites, as well as bring in Faulkner scholars to present papers on all things Faulknerian," explains Dr.
As we ride back up to Sardis Dam, I register with my paddling buddies Dixon and Greg a little exhilaration brought on by our canoe trip, but I admit to them that I'm not feeling very Faulknerian about the Little Tallahatchie.
What is clear is that Cepeda only plunged full force into his most serious and recognized work, the Faulknerian meditation on violence, patriarchy, and politics, La casa grande (1962), when he was led to believe that his life was threatened by a serious illness.
Fuentes's autobiography is Faulknerian in the extravagance of its language and leaps of imagination.
There is much that is Faulknerian about Marchant Lazcano's novel, not just in the concern for family secrets and the combined impact on individuals of their revelation and their substance.
Taylor's paintings communicate an overall feeling of laboriousness--of Faulknerian weight and burden.
Rather than a Faulknerian perspectivism, Martinez Mata discusses the "haz y enves" in Don Quijote, which he characterizes as Cervantes' non-dogmatic appreciation of the good and the bad in people and situations.
The contributors to this volume aim to uncover Faulknerian resonances in the work of Toni Morrison, despite and probably due to the latter's ambivalent denial of any indebtedness.
THE TIN ROOF BLOWDOWN (Simon & Schuster, $26) is James Lee Burke's best Dave Robicheaux novel since In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead, which means that it's Faulknerian.
The Faulknerian demons irritated to their most demonic now required sanatorium confinement and the administration of ECT.