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king of Saudi Arabia from 1982 to 2005 (1923-2005)

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The turn over tax of last three years has been terminated, all the refunds of business community would be paid till September 30 2015, approval for allowing export of perishable goods to Afghanistan in local currency and allowing ghee mills to export 1000 metric tones of oil to export under DTRE scheme, Faud explains.
Faud Kehar in his report said that it is expected that British Gas and Gas De France will jointly bid for SNGPL and SSGC.
This he said on Tuesday in a press conference here at KPCCI office Peshawar flanked by Vice President Iqbal Khan Afridi and executive body members of KPCCI, Faud Ishaq while showing the performance of KPCCI being as President said and appreciate the sacrifices of Pak-Forces, Police and security forces, adding that because of the Zarb-e-Azab operation the situation became calm in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Fata and now traders and investors were once again return to the province for business.
Biniti Faud [6] concluded that two psycho-cognitive variables (success-seeking and internal control) have significant relationship with entrepreneurship success.
Participants included Doha Baladiya quality control manager Hamad Youssef Abdulla al-Malki, Rayyan Municipality health specialist Dr Faud Hamoud, Rayyan Municipality inspection manager Magdi Bowihan Zeidan, health and hygiene supervisor Abdulaziz Banli and Food Programmes trainee Dr Abir al-Waueb.
Judge Faud also explained the concept of human trafficking as per the federal law No.
The election protest resulted from Pimentel's accusation aginst Zubiri that he had benefitted from electoral faud supposedly committed in certain election districts in Mindanao, the main southern island where both are from.
Pictured with Charter Primary head teacher Paul Hardisty are Year 6 pupils, from left, Charlie Madden, Anthony Itota, Kiera Mundy, Lauren Daniels, Lara Revell and Faud Hassan.
Mr Faud Majzub, a chartered accountant, wants to build a house for security staff near his private collection of cars at his home on the outskirts of Besley, near Redditch.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industries President, Faud Ishaq says, The business community is in favour of putting a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags.
Adel Fakhro, Abdulhussain Diwani and Ubaidali Al Ubaidali rejected Mr Al Jamri's return while Faud Ibrahim Kanoo abstained and Mr Al Moayyed was not present.
According to sources, safety and security staff at the Petroleum Development Oman's (PDO) oilfields in Marmul and Faud picketed on the airstrip at these facilities.
Judge Faud Hamdoun, who is presiding alone in court, will give his verdict next week, six weeks after the tragedy happened.
Our investigations have identified Michael Reeves (the only man arrested in Dai Itchi ($500,000,000 USD) Insurance faud scam), Trevor Jones (a discredited, unscrupulous bankrupt, with a scandal "rag" sheet that makes the paparazzi seem like choir boys), and Peter Clarke (international thief, whose victims include a "Widows and Orphans" fund), as conspirators who hatched a plan to defraud Equisure shareholders of millions of dollars and take operational control of the Company.