fatty liver

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yellow discoloration as a result of the accumulation of certain fats (triglycerides) in the liver

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Biochemical studies on fatty liver syndrome in caged laying chickens in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria.
Fatty liver syndrome was established in 1920s but there were few studies about the problem until 1970s.
Fatty liver syndrome or lipidosis is a major disease associated with dairy cattle metabolism in the early period of lactation, which occurs because of negative balance in energy.
It has expanded and new conditions like congenital vertebral malformation, erythropoietic porphyria, incarcerated umbilical hernia, bleeding calf syndrome, besnoitiosis, tail sequestrum, rib fracture, abomasal impaction, tuberculosis, cardiac tamponade from tire wire, digital dermatitis, crushed tail head, BVD/MD retinopathy, botulism, fatty liver syndrome, persistent preputial frenulum, ischemic teat necrosis, and jejunal hemorrhagic syndrome.