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The fact is fatties can't be bothered to shop around and cook proper meals because they're mostly too lazy and stupid.
Fatties are typically portrayed as victims and are therefore deemed to be worthy recipients of NHS largesse (if you'll pardon the pun) and state handouts.
Ah, say the fatties, but you can't deny us medical treatment, any more than you can refuse to treat an alcoholic who needs liver surgery, or a smoker who develops lung cancer.
Fatties are fat because they have two copies of the FTO gene.
Bias is now shifting focus to other projects: Rad Fatties, Fat Girl Speaks and Bellies Are Beautiful.
Thanks to Jacob Sullum for his thoughtful review of my book Fat Politics ("Lay Off the Fatties," November).
Nice to see we have standards--one for men, one for women, and one for fatties.
Current initiatives to try to force fatties into new active healthy eating lifestyles can backfire.
Seemingly, I'm always searching for some tangible evidence to prove Canada does in fact have its share of fatties, and luckily for me, it came rolling right up.
It may be possible that the future world will be full of fatties .
McDonald's went on a crash diet Tuesday, saying it will eliminate Supersize fries and drinks amid mounting criticism that the chain and others like it have created a nation of fast-food fatties.
Have none of these celeb fatties ever heard of salad or Slim-Fast?
For instance, it's not hard to find personal ads that read, "Straight-looking, straight-acting only" and "No butches or fatties.
The one thing you'd notice if they showed them again today is the total absence of fatties - sorry,"the obese".
Fatties, boozers and others shouldn't be punished for having a bad lifestyle - it's their choice but we shouldn't be too critical.