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youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali


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The father of Fatimah (PBUH) is the master of the creation and the chief of mankind who had opened the horizons of intellect and light, and established the civilization that had saved man from the abysses of sins and superstitions that he had sunk in.
We have even started a programme to visit other schools with younger students and tell them about the importance of abiding by traffic laws and so far we have visited two in 2015 with many more planned ahead," said Fatimah Al Zaabi, specialist of the Physics laboratory at the school and head of its Safety and Security Committee.
At a vigil in Islamabad, Fatimah Khan, 38, said she was devastated by the atrocity.
Fatimah Ahmad Al Harmoudi, public awareness officer, Tadweer, added: "Increased waste production leads to greater environmental impact.
The Emirati woman, who was in her twenties and identified as Fatimah Salim Al Shihi, was driving her car when she crashed into another vehicle that was being driven by her cousin.
The Omani delegation to Manama comprises Kazim Mohammed Al Balushi, OOC chef de mission to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, Ali bin Sulaiman Al Balushi, OOC chef de mission to the 4th Asian Beach Games in Phukit, Thailand, and Fatimah bint Hamdan Al Harthy, head of OOC follow-up department.
Rally started from main Motorway Toll Plaza and ended at Aiwan-i-Quid, Fatimah Jinnah Park F-9.
Qanbarian-Alavijeh said, "Our daughter, Hannah Rosemary Fatimah Alavijeh, has been kidnapped and is held as a hostage on grounds of her mother wearing a headscarf and accepting Islam as her religion as well as myself being an Iranian Muslim.
The program was launched by Member of Parliament and Associate Professor Fatimah Abdul Lateef, on Saturday.
Forty-nine-year old Fatimah Alsiari was due to arrive at George Bush Intercontinental Airport at about 4.
Waheeda Abdullah, formerly known as Fatimah Lim, denies taking one blue diamond and one yellow diamond from Mariam Aziz in 2009.
Waheeda Abdullah, who was previously known as Fatimah Lim, denies taking one blue diamond and one yellow diamond from Mariam Aziz in 2009.
The delegation, led by regional director of the WHO's anti-tobacco program, Fatimah El-Awa, is visiting to discuss prices and taxes on tobacco products and other relevant matters.
The works include re-paving and leveling the earth road next to the cement blockade along the line from Fatimah Gate until the western side of Kfarkilla village.
The female pilgrims included Najat from Kuwait; Bahiyah from United Arab Emirates (UAE); Sarah from Egypt; Fatimah from Morocco; and Suharto from Indonesia.