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youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali


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The story becomes more gripping when the father finally believes it is time for Fatima to be married-off, but she devises a way to fail her father's test which he administers to his daughters in order to ascertain their proficiency level in writing.
Court remarked that the whole story revolved around Maheen Fatima.
The event coincided with the canonization of Blessed Francisco and Jacinta by Pope Francis in Fatima, Portugal.
While according to the police, Mudassir had confessed to raping and killing Fatima, when Imran Ali was caught in the Zainab murder case, his DNA had matched with the sample taken from Fatima's body.
The circumstances, however, turned against the police officers with the arrest of suspected rapist and murderer of seven-year-old Zainab who confessed to have killed several minor girls including Eman Fatima after rape.
She added that she has met Shaikha Fatima and observed her considerable efforts and desire to promote an aware, creative and stable family, being a major player in the UAE growth and development drive.
Deconstructing the image of Fatima Jinnah as a mere aide to her illustrious brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, to that of a stateswoman and activist, is one of the primary objectives of a riveting scholarly work by the Georgetown University Qatar (GU-Q) professor Mohammed Reza Pirbhai.
For almost half a century, Fatima dedicated her life to Sudan's political struggle against dictatorship, poverty, and intolerance.
According to the police, Zaman and Fatima's brother, Ali Muhammad, allegedly gunned down Shabbir on February 3, after a video of Shabir and Fatima surfaced on social media.
In 1947 an Oblate Father, Jean Methe, was recruiting French Canadians to buy land at Fatima to settle the area.
Saadiq Hussain Chairman Board of Management of Fatima Memorial Hospital speaking on this occasion talked about the personality of late Prof.
Pour payer les etudes de l'ainee, Fatima (Soria Zeroual) enchaine les menages.
My Garden Tools: Fatima Shanar Ali Ahmed, Reema Jamal Al Haran, Marwa Jawad Al Banna, Fatima Abdul Raaoof Bu Aeenen, Malak Mahamed Khalil, Alrayan Ahmed Rashdan, Mariam Fawaz Al Tameemi, Bade Al Kubra, Hassan A Hussain Al Sharabi, Muneera Jassim Al Shomali, Mo'man Ghassan Abbas, Ali Hussain Abdulla, Mariam Rashid Bu Qais, Batool Alsayed Ahmed, Hassan Abdul Muneer Ashoor, Asma' Hezam, Wala Abdul Nabi Hassan and Ahmed Ali Hassan.
Actualites Eecrit par Abdeslam khatib I l va sans dire que Fatima Tihihit est consideree comme l'une des chanteuses qui a donne a la chanson amazigh beaucoup d'eclat et l'a rendue encore plus celebre.
Mr Harrison said when Fatima was arrested at a house in Suffolk Rise, Sheepridge, officers found a Jaguar car on the drive with a Volvo in the garage.