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youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali


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Acision, the global leader in mobile messaging, today announced that Fatima Raimondi has been appointed as its Senior Vice President and General Manager for Latin America (LATAM).
He earns 50 afs and sometimes 60 afs daily," adds Fatima, toiling on her one-acre farmland.
While at Corpus Christi, the school created a special course for Fatima so she could continue her studies.
Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah scarified her life for rendering her service to the Quaid without which Pakistan would never have been created", he added.
At 6,420, Fatima is the most common name among Qatari women followed by Mariam with 6,311 and Noora with 6,249.
Aseefa, who has a protected Twitter account, tweeted about her family's prayers for the flood victims, and also used the platform to retweet an article tearing Fatima's book to shreds: " Pakistan may have lost a talented fiction writer when Fatima Bhutto went into journalism.
The original complaint about the marriage had been lodged in court by Fatima's half-brothers, who said that Timani had lied to their father about his tribal roots when he married Fatima in 2002.
Bernard's and finance committee members from Our Lady of Fatima - was formed to mull over the matter.
Not only has Pakistan-born Fatima overcome a limited grasp of English, she also had to recover from the deaths of her husband and parents, before blossoming into a confident, enthusiastic learner who proactively oversees the educational development of her three and six-year-old sons.
I get up early in the morning to clean cars at street intersections," Fatima Bint Ali, a seven year-old girl, said.
Goalkeeper David Marshall, centre-half Mark Hudson, midfield player Peter Whittingham and striker Jay Bothroyd S all completed 90 miS nutes in hot, sunny conditions at the Municipal Stadium in Fatima, around 80 miles north of Lisbon.
Set in modern day Jerusalem, the film tells the a story of love between David, a young Israeli Jew, and Fatima, a beautiful Muslim girl.
Would-be pilgrims who can't travel to Fatima in Portugal themselves can visit the site in spirit--for a price.
A major segment of Breaking the Silence dealt with 16-year-old Fatima Alilire-Loeliger and her mother, Sadia Alilire, who had lost custody of the girl in 1998 to her father, Scott Loeliger, but then regained it.
In a variation of the text, Fatima is made to say, "I surpass all the women, except Mary.