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the first or opening sura of the Quran which is the central prayer of Islam and is used on all special occasions as well as during the five daily prayers


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The wedding Fatiha of Fatima and Idris Ajimobi, the son of Gov.
s during which the attende recited the Fatiha in memory of the martyrs and laid a wreath of flowers in front of the commemorative plaque.
beaucoup moins que] La production de Fatiha Bisker, on se sent accueilli en ami, presque en confident.
Elle a, dans le meme post, explique qu'elle avait demande la recitation de la Fatiha a la memoire de la militante algerienne Djamila Bouhired, apres avoir appris son deces.
N ee a Casablanca, Fatiha Zaki est diplomee d'Art'Com (2007), option Architecture d'interieur.
One Facebook user wrote: "Being muslims, we should read fatiha, and our non-muslims friends can also read fatiha or raise their hands with the one reading it.
At the end of the game, HRH Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan handed the women's throne cup to the captain of the winning team, AS FAR, Fatiha Laassiri.
We have discovered there are people who went to Syria to fight as jihadists, yet they do not even know the Fatiha chapter," Abdul Lateef Al Sinan, the head of juvenile care at the ministry of social affairs and labour, said.
Au cours de cette ceremonie, Marzouki a depose une gerbe de fleurs au pied du mausolee du Leader et recite la Fatiha a sa memoire.
Sadra claims the Fatiha contains the essential message of the entire Qur'an (55), a major reason why the author has chosen to focus on this particular Tafsir.
Based on the authentic prophetic sayings, Al Fatiha chapter may be recited with the intention of treatment, immunity, supplication, true worship, and wish for guidance to the right path and happiness in life and Hereafter.
My mother used to take me with her to recite the Fatiha [opening chapter of the Qur'an] for the soul of my grandmother.
Le president du CSFA a depose hier jeudi des gerbes de fleurs sur le monument du Soldat inconnu a Medinet Nasr et a recite la fatiha (premier sourate du Coran) pour le repos des ames des martyrs.
Police suffered no casualties, but a civilian was killed and two others injured in the blast, which occurred at roughly the same time as a suicide attack targeting the Fatiha ceremony of Wali Karzai, he said.
The locals living in the outskirts of Fatiha village, armed with batons, rushed to the spot to drive the beast away, but the tiger was elusive and remained hidden in the fields.