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God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

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The man Jesus is the incarnation of the male Logos and revealer of a male Father-God, "despite the evidence in scripture and tradition that the mystery of God transcends all naming and creates female reality in the divine image and likeness".
The father-God image represents a significant intersection in an analysis of religious values and family life.
Hall and Brokaw (1995) argue from an Object Relations perspective that the father-God image is primarily of relational origin.
But there is much piety toward the pater that goes unexamined in this autobiography, as exemplified in Tarry's unqualified American patriotism, her faith in the father-God of her Catholic training, and her deference toward the priests of the Church whose paternal authority she regularly obeys.
I was reminded strongly of Wotan, the Father-God in Wagner's Ring: tired, blind in one eye, and aware of his inconsistencies, he sows the seeds of his own destruction at the hands of his Valkyrie daughter.
She also implies that the Father-God presented by Augustine resembles the qualities of the paterfamilias that Augustine missed in his own father.