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God when considered as the first person in the Trinity

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But, viewed otherwise, the drama of his Oedipus complex, representing the killing of the Father-God in primitive rituals that represent the patriarchal society and the phallus-centism was enacted in his own life, when Jung left him (killed him).
Hall and Brokaw (1995) argue from an Object Relations perspective that the father-God image is primarily of relational origin.
Sigmund Freud - father-God explanation from "The Future of an Illusion," in The Freud Reader, edited by Peter Gay, W.
I was reminded strongly of Wotan, the Father-God in Wagner's Ring: tired, blind in one eye, and aware of his inconsistencies, he sows the seeds of his own destruction at the hands of his Valkyrie daughter.
The next step [the development of monotheism], however, leads us to the theme with which we are here concerned - the return of a single father-god of unlimited dominion" (Freud 1939, 106).
Third, Jezebel is a religious leader, a prophetess for a female-based religion at odds with the Judeo-Christian Father-God.
She also implies that the Father-God presented by Augustine resembles the qualities of the paterfamilias that Augustine missed in his own father.
For example, Tasker draws no line of connection between Malachi (1:6 and 2:10) and the ancient Near Eastern texts in Part I; and when he does make a reference to the Egyptians in his discussion of Jeremiah, it is not about what the Pyramid Texts say about Egyptian father-gods, but about Judah being caught between Egypt and Babylon at the time of Jeremiah (p.