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4th President of the United States

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Madison's role in shaping the new government's structure--with a strong Congress and an independent president--was so important, he is often called the Father of the Constitution.
Jordan Constitution Amendments 2011 "Members of the Royal Committee on Constitutional Review, Ladies and gentlemen, Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you, Blessed be the souls of the noble Jordanians and the father of the Constitution, His Majesty the late King Talal, who wrote our great Constitution.
ISLAMABAD, April 07, 2011 (Frontier Star): Time to do justice with the father of the constitution has come and the Supreme Courts fixation of date, April 13,2011, for revisiting the Bhutto case in the light of the presidential reference is a good omen and a step in the right direction.
While debates were raging among colonists over whether or not to ratify the Constitution, which had recently been adopted by the Constitutional Convention, the father of the Constitution, James Madison, wrote the following insightful words:
The fourth president of the United States and credited with being the father of the Constitution is remembered as having said:
Second, Santorum seems never to have read the key passages of the Federalist Papers in which James Madison--the father of the Constitution if anyone is--reflects on the relation between freedom and virtue in American political institutions.
March 16 is the birthday of James Madison, father of the Constitution.
The last Wills sees not only as the father of the Constitution but with |an even better claim as the father of disestablishment'.
The announcement was made at Montpelier, the 2,650-acre estate of America's fourth president and the father of the Constitution, to mark the start of a two-day workshop designed to solicit input from descendants of slaves and members of the Orange County African-American community about the interpretation of Montpelier's African-American history.
James Madison, the father of the Constitution, was serving as America's fourth president in 1812 when Asa Waters' Armory supplied arms for the War of 1812 and on June 11, 1813 when the "North Parish" seceded from Sutton to establish the Town of Millbury.
But petty politics of the Congress led to one- upmanship in Parliament on Friday to appear loyal to the father of the Constitution.
I go on this great republican principle," the father of the Constitution said, "that the people will have the virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom" to the offices of government.
Finally, James Madison is known to history as the Father of the Constitution and holds a place of special respect for his intellect, his famed adherence to the republican "middle way," and his thoughtful and erudite defense of religious tolerance.
21, 1811, Madison - widely considered to be the Father of the Constitution - told Congress that he considered the bill a violation of the First Amendment.
Barton also takes aim at James Madison, disputing the widely accepted view that he is the father of the Constitution.