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Spanish missionary who founded Franciscan missions in California (1713-1784)

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Today Senor Bone serves as president of the Worldwide Association of The Friends of Father Junipero Serra which will be orchestrating the 300th Anniversary celebration of the famed New World evangelist's birth.
The current collection includes six years of correspondence by Benito Juarez, the 19th century war hero and president of Mexico, which has drawn Mexican scholars, and material relating to Father Junipero Serra, the founder of the California missions.
Palou's books are Life and Apostolic Labors of the Venerable Father Junipero Serra (tr.
He has been honored by Wines and Vines Magazine as "Wine Writer of the Year," honored with the Father Junipero Serra Award for contributions to the wine industry, is the recipient of the "Wine Literary Award" from the Wine Appreciation Guild and has been honored by the Department of Viticulture and Enology at the University of California, Davis.
In 1780, Father Junipero Serra named it La Laguna de Diablo because those who lived near the lake formed by the San Andreas Fault believed it contained the devil's pet.
The Mission Trail will be specially designed to educate the general public, as well as fourth grade students on special field trips, about the skill, foresight, and determination of Father Junipero Serra, founder of the California Missions, and how he helped to connect and unite communities along the El Camino Real," said Edward J.
The county's history began 235 years ago with the founding of the San Gabriel Mission by Father Junipero Serra.
The area's rugged beauty has lured travelers since the 1770s, when Spanish explorers landed and Father Junipero Serra founded the Carmel mission, San Carlos Borrom[acute{e}]o de Carmelo.
It was faith and evangelical fervor that sent Father Junipero Serra and his fellow Franciscans along El Camino Real.
Since then, Mission San Juan Capistrano - founded by Father Junipero Serra in 1776 - has been numbered among the loveliest ruins in the world.
According to local history, Father Junipero Serra, the great evangelizer of California, erected the cross in 1782 to celebrate the creation of his ninth and final mission in California - the Mission of San Buenaventura.
The most eloquent piece is the sarcophagus for Father Junipero Serra at the mission in Carmel, California.
An Uncommon Mission: Father Jerome Tupa Paints the California Missions'' is the product of a Benedictine monk's quest to visit and capture each of the 21 religious landmarks from San Francisco to San Diego, following the 18th-century route of Father Junipero Serra in reverse.
Mission San Carlos Borromeo del Rio Carmelo was a favorite of founding father Junipero Serra, who is buried here.
Ameil, a former Olympic Committee fund-raiser, said he was called to save the missions while contemplating an icon of mission founder Father Junipero Serra at Mission Dolores in San Francisco.