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youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali


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Fatemeh Ekhtesari, a practicing obstetrician, and Mehdi Musavi, a trained doctor who teaches literature and poetry, were first arrested in December 2013, a few months after Hassan Rohani took office as president.
Fatemeh has undergone three aggressive courses of chemotherapy at Heartlands after she was diagnosed with leukaemia in June.
Since then the authorities have released Fatemeh Karroubi from house arrest, but increased the restrictions on the remaining three, the paper said.
Journalists Saeed Madani, Parastoo Dokouhaki, Marizeh Rassouli, Mohammad Soleymaninia, Sahameddin Bourghani, Fatemeh Kheradmand, Arash Sadeghi, Ehsan Houshmand and Hassan Fathi have all been detained in the last month.
Fatemeh Zare, Department of Bioresource Engineering, McGill University, Macdonald Campus, 21, 111 Lakeshore Rd.
Burdened by traffic fines over the last seven years, Fatemeh Halil has an exerted extra effort to drive safely this year.
Recent PhD graduate Fatemeh Nazly Pirmoradi designed the device, which looks like a tiny contact lens.
Fatemeh Ebrahimi and Ghasem Mohammadi-Nejad: Study of Micropropagation of Eglantine (Rosa Foetida) in Vitro Condition
Azerbaijani citizens Mohammed Golsanamlu and Babak Nacabi, Iranian citizens Poyam Khodajuyan, Mahyar Mosavi, Akbar Zenali, Zoohollah Ahmadi, Fatemeh Shafezirdeh, Seyed Mohammad Ebrahim Khad, Fahrani Hemmati, Ardesehiri Timen, Halil Monttali, Kianoosh Afsher, Hamid Reza Mandizadeh, Mohammed Mahdi Tavasoli, Daniel Dhados, Nushi Golzali, Heydar Nik Zaman, Mahmoud Mahjoobi, Hashmat Raghani, Muhammed Riza Saedi, Mustafa Dogruzade and Finistah Cerekelya, Romanian citizens Lefter Radu Gabriel and Adela Nicoleta, and Italian citizen Bruni Castari were injured in the accident, and taken to hospitals in Erzurum.
Saturday to hear Corvallis resident Fatemeh Fakhraie talk about growing up in Utah with a Mormon mother and Muslim father.
Fatemeh Ebn Abassi, 22, was discovered shortly before 6pm on February 19, when police forced entry at her home address of 34C Railway Street.
However, the president s top legal advisor Fatemeh Bodaghi insisted that Ahmadinejad had no intention of retreating from his decision.
The website also says security forces raided the elder Karroubi's house, locking him and his wife Fatemeh in separate rooms and confiscating books and documents.
Award winners, pictured, back from left, are Josh Wrigley, Hamza Raouf, Jovan Chaukria, Frazer Smith, Nicola Syslo, Fatemeh Sokhansange, Ellie Simmonite, and front, are Amy Gilbert, Josh Orchard and Umar Said.
NEWCASTLE back specialist Dr Fatemeh Sajadinia is opening a clinic in the country's most exclusive home for private medical practices - Harley Street.