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Synonyms for hamartia

the character flaw or error of a tragic hero that leads to his downfall


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The unwillingness of elites to assist in the administration of aid constitutes Haiti's fatal flaw.
Fatal Flaw is available for purchase online from the publisher, Amazon.
There is a fatal flaw in the BBC study; it assumes that since their methods did not work, all methods would not work," said Steven Aldrich, CEO Posit Science.
IS it just me who has spotted the fatal flaw in the plans for the new "smart bra"?
The authors take their defining principle from John Locke, "defining and proving the fatal flaw inherent in debates on copyright: on the one hand the copyright community is eager to arm authors with a robust property right over their creation, while on the other this community totally ignores the fact that the exposure of the individual to externalities is what makes him or her capable of creating material that is copyrightable.
Matthews, writes Garvin, substituted passion for skepticism, a fatal flaw in a reporter.
The second fatal flaw is that an additional tax on oil translates into higher production costs and lower profits for California's oil producers.
there's a fatal flaw in his calculation of the optimal number of wedding guests (Study notes, May).
And that, it seems to me, is the fatal flaw of democracy promotion, Bush-style.
That most readers have a difficult time determining what Murakami's books are about--which is usually a fatal flaw in our message-happy literary marketplace--hardly works against him at all.
The One Fatal Flaw in Anselm's Argument, PETER MILLICAN
While sales would peg them as a second-rank band (the fatal flaw in radio's multiple mercantile guises), their music suggests otherwise, a robust melange of techno, Ma Beeb pop, and street punk rap.
Modernizing the language of the Hippocratic Oath satisfies some 21st century objections to it, but the oath's fatal flaw is not merely a matter of semantics.
But the really fatal flaw with the film is the middle section, where James and Jinxie take on the evil megalomaniac in his frozen palace in Iceland.
How the Towers were built, with a fatal flaw that resulted in swift collapse, is juxtaposed with the heroism of those who answered the call, both those who died and those who searched.