Fatah Tanzim

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a terrorist group organized by Yasser Arafat in 1995 as the armed wing of al-Fatah

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Arafat has placed people in some very powerful positions, such as Marwan Barghouti, leader of the Fatah Tanzim (organization), whose members are heavily armed young men who do not really take commands directly from Arafat.
Suspects in custody include Hamas, PFLP and Fatah Tanzim terrorists.
Fatah Tanzim Commander in the West Bank Marwan Barghouti, who claims Israeli forces tried but failed to assassinate him on Aug.
A pamphlet distributed by Fatah Tanzim after Tarifi's shooting accused Musa Arafat of "working as an arm of Israeli intelligence to separate the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian people.
IDF sources report 80% of terror warnings originate from the would-be suicide bomber's hometown of Shechem, with Fatah Tanzim terrorists as the perpetrators.
4, an Israeli missile strike against a convoy of Palestinian cars in front of Fatah Tanzim Commander Marwan Barghouti's office in Al Bireh wounded Mohammed Abu Halaweh, a member of Arafat's Force 17 presidential guard.