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But we've reached a point where sitting in judgment on fat people isn't just what too many of us do, meanly, in private.
Fat people have been mollycoddled into believing that what they shove into their mouths isn't their fault or their responsibility.
This leaves slimmer people eating more chocolate than fat people.
Pause said the reality is that some people are just bigger than others and fat studies highlighted the need for society to accept the fact, rather than constantly judging fat people and pushing them to lose weight.
Activists argue that the obesity epidemic is more of a panic; that people can be healthy at any size; and that discrimination against fat people is a social justice issue.
Embarrassing Fat Bodies (Channel 4, 9pm) IT WOULD appear that this programme is basically Embarrassing Bodies, but for fat people.
Fat people are lazy, fat people are slow, fat people are not motivated.
History topics include comments on dieting, exercise, the sins of gluttony and sloth, artistic representations, fat people in film, the fat as freaks, and drug treatments for overweight.
In a study of more than 2 000 fat people who had surgery to reduce the size of their stomachs, Swedish researchers found that women who had the procedure were less likely to get cancer than those who did not.
The problem is not that fat people are too big to fit into airline seats, it is that airline seats are too small to fit a large segment of the population comfortably" Carrie Padian, president of the Fat Rights Commission, on the suggestion by one airline that fat passengers should have to pay for two seats in the US "I am thick but I have common sense" Katie Price, alias Jordan "I don't mind having my photo taken, but intrusion bothers me, My shutters are always down.
Lawmakers in Mississippi have proposed a bill that would revoke the business license of any restaurant that serves food to fat people, as measured by state health standards.
The bottom line is fat people are also often sick people .
advocating for antidiscrimination protection for fat people.
People don't need another reason to shun fat people ("Weighting for Friends: Obesity spreads in social networks," SN: 7/28/07, p.
PATRICIA Hewitt thinks it is fair to ban operations for fat people and smokers.