typographical error

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a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

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Fat finger syndrome has caused near-meltdown on stock markets in the past.
More and more multi-million pound losses are arising from computer blunders known as Fat Finger Syndrome.
Conventional wisdom says a few sticky, fat fingers control a disproportionate slice of the world economy's pie.
Whether you have fat fingers, touchscreen aversions or just dislike the grubby fingerprints, this Bluetooth keyboard allows you to become more efficient and helps you protect that oh-so-delicate screen.
Many of the citizens forced to request federal permission to work will be women who took their husbands' names and thus have outdated Social Security records; others will simply be victims of bad Social Security data, bad Homeland Security data, or their employers' fat fingers.
We've been having a think about this and can only assume that a wireless remote control unit for a handheld, portable audio player might be necessary for people who, for example, have such hugely fat fingers that, once they've slipped their iPod into their coat pocket, the sheer diameter of their pudgy digits prevents them from stuffing them back in there to retrieve the unit.
With trembling fat fingers I write you fellow fat ones.
Yet it's obvious that there are people sitting at home today in Northern Ireland who have many fat fingers in many juicy pies.
I expected the keys to be so small that my fat fingers would hit the wrong keys completely and make me type like an idiot, but actually it has a keyboard 92 per cent the size of a traditional laptop keyboard and the keys are fantastic - very responsive and comfortable to use.
The result are cartoonlike soft, pudgy hands with fat fingers at the end of each hug.
We wait forever till the guy comes back w/ the birth certificate and slides it across the marble counter w/ his fat fingers and BAM close-up now: in the blank space next to "father" (QUIET, QUIET, BOOM .
Banner Ads with 3D, Motion, Video and Animation To Solve Fat Fingers
From the time they can stretch out their little fat fingers to beckon for whatever it is they want, mums and dads the globe over make an on-the-spot decision to either indulge their little princes or turn down the demands of their dainty divas for a variety of reasons.
Fat fingers, fatter legs and a pudding bowl Purdey haircut added to my allure and whenever she puts on that film (twice a day at the last count), she sits on a chair next to the telly, close enough to reach out and touch my face with her fingers.