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a wealthy and privileged person

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My suggestion is to get rid of the fat cats at the top.
Until the fat cats change their ways And show us that they've tried To help, not sponge off all of us, Then let them stay outside.
On Thursday he and the independent High Pay Commission looked at fat cat salaries, their findings will be announced in November.
And, to be clear, I did not say or imply that "that march" was full of fat cats.
Fat Cats Caf Bar represents an ideal purchase for a first-time buyer, as no specific training or experience is required.
Today there are 11 Fat Cats in operation, plus two of the company's new Bluu bar, developed in partnership with Courage, which is now 25% shareholders of the concept and one Red House, a country pub format.
Yasheng Huang of the Harvard Business School points out that much of China's capitalist class consists not of corporate fat cats but of peasants, because the rural populace was allowed more freedom to experiment than were city dwellers who posed a threat to China's state-owned enterprises.
Latin America should go to the mat with the fat cats.
Friskies is lightening the load for owners of fat cats with the launch of Friskies Vital Balance Light -- the first lower fat super premium dry cat food in the grocery sector.
For every banker getting a bonus, Fifty people end up homeless, Today's the day the fat cats are having a party.
It's the equivalent of a major Lotto win for these fat cats - except they get to enjoy the bonanza year after year.
I'M as anxious as anyone to see the fat cats brought low but I think we're beginning to confuse them with other people who are certainly not grinding the faces of the poor.
Both events are produced by Fat Cats Entertainment Group in association with Icon Entertainment, Exeter Communications and Pound 4 Pound, and are sponsored by Las Vegas high rise developer Michael J.
As far as I am concerned, fat cats should face charges if anyone dies through malnutrition or hypothermia because they can't pay fuel bills.