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inexpensive food (hamburgers or chicken or milkshakes) prepared and served quickly

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What would you expect the quality of food to be when the founder of a fastfood restaurant says he is in real estate business instead of food and hamburgers, and the focus is to get the residual income from the franchises?
But unfortunately the fastfood restaurant won't be built in time for the President to drop in for a burger when he visits Moneygall next month.
Detective Senior Sergeant Brian Archer said the first altercation was outside Aikmans bar, in the Christchurch suburb of Merivale, and the second was outside the nearby McDonald's fastfood restaurant, adding it was the second attack in which Ryder sustained his most serious injuries, the local paper reported.
Why does a fastfood restaurant need a bloody nickname?
In between scavenging for cans and for old sandwiches and half-eaten burgers in fastfood restaurant bins, Curt would be found most days in the library poring over the financial pages.
While the kosher Subway stores are open fewer hours than a typical fastfood restaurant, they typically do sales as much as 25% higher.
RELAXING tunes are being played at a Coventry fastfood restaurant to help tackle young troublemakers.
The admission followed an incident when the Home Secretary went in to a fastfood restaurant in Peckham, South London, to buy a kebab.
As one staffer put it, KMOX is dangerously close to becoming just another "branch office" of a corporation, like a bank of fastfood restaurant.
The pair happily run a fastfood restaurant until one of them decides he wants to become an actor.
PLANS for a McDonald's fastfood restaurant as part of a pounds 20m redevelopment of an industrial eyesore in north Cardiff have been dropped after opposition from residents.
A few courts have recognized that there may be a jury issue as to whether a fastfood restaurant breached its duty by failing to provide security guards.
A nearby fastfood restaurant provided cookies and juice for our picnic lunch.
when eating at a fastfood restaurant, one would be prepared to order a meal with picture cards before entering the restaurant); and 4) lead-up activity adaptations (e.
fastfood restaurant in Spokane, a restaurant in Minnesota, and three restaurants in Northwest Arkansas.