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(basketball) a rapid dash to get a shot as soon as possible after taking possession of the ball

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Walton looked for Parker on the fastbreak and lobbed a pass that skipped out of bounds.
She and a guest will travel to the NCAA Final Four in Atlanta with hopes of taking home a "Lifetime Supply of Reese's Candy" in the Reese's FastBreak at the Final Four Sweepstakes.
The 6-foot-9 center kept dribbling and dribbling, leading a 2-on-1 fastbreak.
I'm really excited to be involved in Reese's FastBreak at the Final Four," said Bogues.
Our FastBreak approach delivers a MARC implementation project in three to six months, a greatly reduced installation period from the industry standard of nine to 12 months," said Bob Kennedy, vice president and general manager, MARC Global Services/Americas.
Budget's Fastbreak express rental service gets renters on the road in seconds -- with great cars, expanded options and paperless transactions.
In addition, the implementation power of MARC Global Services' FastBreak methodology brought Quill's nine sites live in record time.
Right after Thomas saves the ball from going out of bounds, Sy is yelling at him and the rest of Stoneridge's players, imploring them to get back on defense faster when the other team pushes the ball upcourt on a fastbreak.
Budget Rent a Car launched the latest in a string of new TV spots highlighting the company's line-up of cool cars and Fastbreak express service.
took advantage of MARC Global Services' FastBreak implementation approach to bring its second warehouse live and then implemented the MARC System itself in a third site.
After Bryant made a steal at one end, he shoveled a pass to Brown running the middle on the fastbreak.
Renters who sign up for Budget's Fastbreak express service are automatically enrolled in Perfect Drive.
Omneon Video Networks(TM) and Sundance Digital are partners integrating Omneon's networking and storage infrastructure, the VIDEO AREA NETWORK(TM), with Sundance Digital's FastBreak NT(TM) automation software.
The coda to the evening came when Bryant was leading the Lakers on a fastbreak and had the ball stolen from behind by Ime Udoka.