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abnormally rapid heartbeat (over 100 beats per minute)

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Smoking and taking stimulants including drinking a lot of coffee, could also explain your fast pulse rate.
People who produce too much thyroid hormone (an overactive thyroid or hyper-thyroidism) have the opposite problem - they have difficulty sleeping, are edgy, have a fast pulse, and lose weight without trying.
A previous version is used to determine the settling characteristics of fast pulse generators but is not capable of characterizing their transition- duration (i.
a young girl stretching herself: tightly curled up beside a hibachi or a chest of drawers, deeply asleep for the briefest moment, then suddenly awake, lifting her head, looking about, rubbing her back as she wriggles across the tatami - her chest and hips slightly raised, the line from her toes to her fingers stretched taut, a fast pulse of pleasure racing through her, her energy subsiding, and her chest quieting to its original, gentle calm.
According to Charles, symptoms of dehydration include dizziness and a fast pulse.
If you are hyperthyroid, you may have a fast pulse rate, nervousness, and shakiness.
In a small number of cases it also can lead to fetal tachycardia, which is an abnormally fast pulse in the fetus; fetal thyrotoxicosis, which is a fetus with hyperthyroidism; or neonatal hyperthyroidism, in which the baby is born with hyperthyroidism.
Unnaturally fast breathing Fast pulse rate Apprehension There may also be: Dizziness or faintness Trembling, sweating and dry mouth, or marked tingling in the hands Tingling and cramps in the hands, mouth and feet and around the mouth What should I do if someone is hyperventilating?
As the market for high-capacity optical storage drives such as HD-DVD and Blu-ray matures, drive-makers are looking for opportunities to further reduce drive component sizes in order to produce slim and ultra-slim drives for use in laptops, while at the same time continuing to address the requirements for low noise and fast pulse response times.
They'll appear panicky, may scream, have rapid breathing and a very fast pulse.
The illumination offers 6 different modes and can be assigned to behavior and game specific profiles through the SteelSeries Engine, including: Active Mode (responsive pulsing to sound effects, music, and/or voice), Slow Pulse, Fast Pulse, High Bright, Low Bright and Off.
She had already "collapsed" four times and suffered another pass-out while being examined by a triage nurse who found she had a fast pulse and low blood pressure.
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