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Synonyms for fading


Synonyms for fading

weakening in force or intensity


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Fast fading Redcar Town's slide down the table continued after a 5-0 home thumping by Whitehaven.
That was the song written for the gal who has since become Noel's ex but, like Liam's underwhelming Little tune, it shows that Oasis's ability to ignite fascination is fast fading.
Sir Alex Ferguson's side must beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge in today's showdown if they are to keep alive their fast fading title hopes.
With Everton's dream of laying claim to a top four place in the Premieship fast fading after a disastrous Christmas period which saw them collect just one point from four games, Royle is desperate to strengthen his multi- million pound squad.
That left Ayresome, Boro's much-loved home for over 90 years but fast fading in latter year, empty and redundant and very quickly the demolition of a dream began.
However, there is a flip side to this, the enthusiasm fast fading away, and in the last one year three such canteens have closed down and more might join the list soon.
are efforts to save the fast fading beauty of the world we live in, and the constant conflicts and wars among people and nations add to its woes.
The play-offs are fast fading as the points gap grows with each passing match and now the brakes have finally come fully off with the news that the man responsible for the exciting, skywardbound ride was possibly turning his back on us and walking away.
FAST FADING LIGHT: Daniel Hamlet enjoys the last glimpse of the moors as another day draws to a close
Hailed as one of the premiership favourites before the season, the Blues have now slid to seventh in the table with their hopes of making the top four fast fading after a demoralizing 99-45 away defeat to Port Adelaide.