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Synonyms for fading


Synonyms for fading

weakening in force or intensity


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However, the coherence time is longer than the change cycle of the fast fading.
are efforts to save the fast fading beauty of the world we live in, and the constant conflicts and wars among people and nations add to its woes.
The article 'Of Basant, Blasphemy and Bans' can be described as an elegy of a culture that is fast fading and basant was indeed the most prominent element of that culture.
FAST FADING LIGHT: Daniel Hamlet enjoys the last glimpse of the moors as another day draws to a close
Hailed as one of the premiership favourites before the season, the Blues have now slid to seventh in the table with their hopes of making the top four fast fading after a demoralizing 99-45 away defeat to Port Adelaide.
In their quiet beauty, they transport us to a fast fading natural milieu.
The dividing line between banks and telcos particularly is fast fading.
A chorus of calls for an "arms-free" Beirut triggered by a deadly battle outside mosque last week is fast fading after Hizbullah warned against any attempt to disarm it.
He added: "That the Israeli government still sees the colonization of occupied Palestinian land as a 'national priority' highlights just how little the mind set in Israel has changed since 1948, and why hopes for the resumption of meaningful negotiations are fast fading.
2 million) a year deal - and with a promise to turnaround their ill fortune and Button's fast fading dreams of title glory.
FORGIVE me if the following details are sketchy, but my 40th birthday celebrations are a fast fading memory.
There are two types of small-scale fading based on Doppler Spread: fast fading and slow fading.
Fast fading are the days when a single company tried to do it all.
He is now 50-1 (totesport) to win Wimbledon next year and 40-1 with the same firm to ever complete his fast fading dream.
The myth of the corner store with a loyal community following is fast fading, say Grow and other small retailers peppered along Ventura Boulevard, which crosses the width - in real and economic terms - of the San Fernando Valley.