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a congenital medical condition in which body deformation occurs or facial development or mental ability is impaired because the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy

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Fass walked and cycled through the city's streets and communities with her camera, snapping up a series of images aiming to show the city as she sees it.
Family owned and operated, VOM FASS Naples, invites you to step into their shop to sample the finest and most flavorful products from around the globe.
Every product at VOM FASS is ready for sampling "from the cask," the English translation of VOM FASS, with quality spirits, liqueurs and a wide variety of wines encased in tantalizing cask pyramids, glass balloons and vinegar and oil stoneware crocks.
For Vom Fass stockists, call 0870 750 0962 or visit vomfassuk.
Women themselves differed on this issue, so many FASS also split, allying themselves with the more egalitarian AAS or the more conservative American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.
Fass said, "We have had a very positive initial response to the new trade association, so we are expanding our membership to other companies who are interested in joining our effort.
Vom FASS sells vinegars, oils, wines, liqueurs and spirits from casks.
Rev Fass, 61, is said to have complained the 15th Century church had become "Disneyland for Da Vinci fans" and has decided to leave.
Fass has been elected president and chief executive officer of the White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd.
Read by Robert Fass, Carrington MacDuffie, Richard Ferrone, John Keating, David Prete.
Upmarket off-licence chain Vom Fass is set to dramatically extend its presence in the UK with the launch of a franchise scheme.
Of 15,314 individuals older than 40 years who responded to a question about nighttime heartburn on a survey, 25% reported heartburn that awakened them two or more times per month, reported Ronnie Fass, M.
It is a stunning number," says gastroenterologist Ronnie Fass of the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System in Tucson, who led the study.
The voice-over narration consists of interviews by WBAI radio personality Bob Fass, who asks passersby what they make of this scene; in a possible homage to Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin's soon-to-be classic ethnographic film, Chronique d'un ete (Chronicle of a Summer; 1961), Fass also inquires, "Are you happy?