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doughnut traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday

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Fasnacht enjoyed coffee shops and the atmosphere of conversation they created.
You can party in the snow during Zurich's Carnival or Fasnacht in February and early March.
Star Swatch ProTeam Outlaw Geraldine Fasnacht, who will join the villainous crew, startle guests with a breathtaking base jump from the chopper.
Fasnacht III, regional director for Energy Education, recently told the Fitchburg School Committee there was no risk involved with his company's plan.
Ironically, Fasnacht was unable to follow his own admonition: "It must .
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A sudden rise in compensation is being seen among the ranks of pediatric sub-specialists, according to research by the health care search firm, Cejka and Company "Almost overnight, pediatric sub-specialists including anesthesiologists, surgeons, cardiologists and neurologists have become some of the most sought after and best compensated physicians," says Ron Fasnacht, senior vice president and managing principal of the St Louis-based firm.
But the rebel spirit of Olympia endured and was reborn at Moka Express in 1996 under the determined direction of Marcus Fasnacht.
If Jeff Fasnacht had been a happier insurance agent 20 years ago, it's unlikely he ever would have entered the orthodontics product market.
Continuing in their leadership roles are Tony Nokes, Daimler Trucks North America, and Bob Fasnacht, Volvo Trucks North America, as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, of the TMA Operating Committee, and Tim Blubaugh as TMA President.
ADM has 580 employees in Cedar Rapids, and we want to do our part to help ensure Cedar Rapids remains a great place to live and work, said Eric Fasnacht, plant manager for ADM s corn processing facility in Cedar Rapids.
The organization has tried numerous approaches for appeals but said a constant winner has been their global update that informs donors where the money was spent, according to Erich Fasnacht, Project HOPE's director of marketing.
From Geraldine Fasnacht to Mat Rebeaud, free-style skiers, X-boarders and free runners, Swatch embraces all special "outlaw" performers.