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a political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism)

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He believes that only by containing Italian migrants in a political, social and cultural vacuum could Fascists maintain total control over migrants by claiming to represent their interests abroad.
Therefore, the 'woman in crisis' was a career woman but at the same time a 'masculinised' figure unable to reproduce itself and sustain the fascist dream of creating more fascists.
Of course, this does not mean that the interventions of the Fascist Ventennio have had no effect on how the city is experienced today.
One third of the bureaucracy in Rome in 1946 was made up of former Fascists reappointed in violation of the laws.
One of the common objections to the view that fascism was more of the left than of the right is that the Fascists consistently portrayed themselves as "antiliberal.
Although Ricci's historical overview of the pre fascist period here is informative and concise, it does not contain much in the way of new information.
The systematic destruction of all signs and symbols of Federal government authority and the killing and intimidation of peasant-worker supporters of Morales ushered in the final stage of this 3-year process of secession, ethnic-racial repression and the imposition of a new fascist political order.
As the casualties mounted, Frank was deeply affected by the loss of close friends from Sunderland and risked his life to help bring one of their bodies back from close to the fascist lines.
Which begs the question: What if a truly fascist movement appeared in mainstream American politics; not some marginal group like the Aryan Nation or the Klan, but a movement that was accepted in Washington D.
Bush's description of the bomb plotters as fascists has offended fewer people, but the label is inaccurate - except to the extent that "fascist" has come to mean someone bad.
The story expands into a telling portrait of fascist times and their brutal methods of intimidation and the manipulation of public opinion, which is applicable to the European situation.
This revolt was planned by leading Spanish fascists who had gone to Germany that February to consult with Hitler and his planners.
In 1938, Toronto Catholics were to march against both the Fascists and Communists, but McGuigan, afraid to lose the ethnic support, cancelled the anti-Fascist rally, claiming that, "there certainly never was an intention to condemn any .
Even as the Communists and their ideological siblings in the mainstream press caricatured the JBS as a pack of fascists, a whispering campaign was started among conservative activists to denigrate the JBS as a Communist organization.