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an Italian fascist under Mussolini

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I fascisti violentatori rappresentano invece trame occulte, imposizioni, conformismo ottuso, offese.
Associated Press, November 9, 1923: The Bavarian government has been declared overthrown by Adolph Hitler, the fascisti leader.
Our suspicions have been justified not the least because, in the end, this art-into-life ideal was most effectively realized not by Progressives, New Dealers, and Communists, but by Nazis and Fascisti.
groups such as the British Fascisti and the Imperial Fascist League,
He was a member of the British Fascisti, which however is not particularly sinister at this time in Britain.
In 1923Miss Rotha Lintorn-Oman, a wartime ambulance driver, formed the British Fascisti, supported by an impressive list of generals, admirals and aristocrats.
Kissane accepts the argument that while Collins and the Treatyites had some democratic credibility in 1922, it does not follow the anti-Treatyites were anti-democratic or a species of green fascisti.
I was in sunny Italy when the fascisti went for the freemasons in twenty-five.
There was a thunder in the air as when the Fascisti marched upon Rome," wrote one journalist close to the Roosevelt camp of the fevered climate that chilly March weekend.
Uncle Bruno retrieves the painting, but by calling on certain friends for help, he inadvertently makes himself an enemy of the Italian Fascisti.
William began a degree in English at London University, eventually graduating with first-class honours, and joined the British Fascisti.
Giacomo Martina, "L'Ecclesiologia prevalente nel Pontificato di Pio XI," in Cattolici e Fascisti in Umbria (1922-1945), ed.