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2%) of fasciolopsiasis (caused by the worm Fasciolopsis buski) was observed in a study conducted in children in rural Bangladesh (Rahman, K.
Other flukes in the Trematoda class include Schistosoms, Fasciolopsis, and Clonorchis.
Table 6-1 Classification of Trematodes According to Their Habitat Blood flukes * Schistosoma haematobium * Schistosoma mansoni * Schistosoma japonicum * Schistosoma mekongi Liver flukes * Fasciola hepatica * Clonorchis sinensis * Opisthorchis felineus * Opisthorchis viverrini Lung flukes * Paragonimus westermani Intestinal flukes * Fasciolopsis buski * Heterophyes heterophyes
hepatica are indistinguishable from that of Fasciolopsis buski.
The plantborne intestinal pig trematode Fasciolopsis buski was isolated from 1 patient.