Fasciola hepatica

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flatworm parasitic in liver and bile ducts of domestic animals and humans

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Walker SM, Makundi AE, Namuba FV, Kassuku AA, Keyyu J, Hoey EM, Prodohl P, Stothard JR and A Trudgett The distribution of Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica within southern Tanzania--constraints associated with the intermediate host.
Fasciola hepatica eggs in stool are generally observed in the acute phase but not in the chronic phase (6).
Phenotypic analysis of adults of Fasciola hepatica, F.
Ayrica streptokoksik ve diger bakteriyel enfeksiyonlar, rekurren parotit, HIV enfeksi-yonu, Fasciola hepatica enfeksiyonuyla iliskili, toksokariyazis, tetanoz asisi yada laysmanya tedavisi icin pentavalan antimon bilesiklerinin uygulandigi alanda, subkutan doku-nun gabaksat meksilatla infiltrasyonu, steroid disi antiinfa-matuar ilaclar, poliarteritis nodosa, artropod isirigi, atopik dermatit, diyabetes mellitus, eozinofilik selulit, B ve T huc-reli lenfoma, travma diger nedenlerdir (2), (5-8).
Su agente etiologico es el trematode Fasciola hepatica (distoma, duela del higado, liver fluke, saguaype), el cual parasita a todos los mamiferos, incluyendo al hombre (3,8,11, 14).
A few such relevant studies are on the effect of diamphenethide and oxyclozanide on Fasciola hepatica (Edwards et al.
Also known as Fasciola hepatica, liver flukes are grayish-brown, leaf-shaped, unsegmented flatworms with two suckers at the front end -- one to attach the parasite to the bile duct, the other to ingest blood.
Prospects for immunoprophylaxis against Fasciola hepatica (liver fluke)
High titers of IgG (640 [cutoff 40], determined by enzyme immunoassay) against Fasciola hepatica were detected.
Also in other research carried out in Poland by same researcher [5] delineated that in total, incidence rate in goats is very high than sheep as well as demonstrated that infection rate to fasciola hepatica was 10.
Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda: Digenea) es el agente etiologico de la fasciolosis de los bovidos.
Fasciola hepatica, Trichinella spiralis, Taenia solium, Echinococcus granulosus, and cutaneous and blood microfilariae; 4) symptoms associated with VLM (respiratory signs, such as asthma, dyspnea, and eosinophilic pneumonia; dermatologic symptoms, including pruritus and recurrent urticaria; and abdominal symptoms, including abdominal pain and hepatomegaly); and 5) response to treatment with albendazole (10-15 mg/kg/d in 2 doses orally for 5 days) assessed 6 months after treatment, decreased titers to Toxocara sp.
El proposito del trabajo fue determinar la prevalencia del trematodo Fasciola hepatica en carpinchos (Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris) de la Provincia de Corrientes (Argentina) y el rol que podria cumplir en la epizootiologia de la fasciolosis hepatica para otras especies hospedadoras del parasito.
In Britain, fascioliasis disease is caused mainly by a trematode parasite called fasciola hepatica.
Gnathostoma spinigerum, Strongyloides stercoralis, Paragonimus westermanii, Paragonimus miyazakii, Fasciola hepatica, Clonorchis sinensis, Spirometra erinacei, Taenia solium, and Trichinella spp.