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Apart from the nodular pattern of intradermal fascicles, other less common patterns have also been reported e.
However, it is not likely that this effect when caused by strength training represents a change at the range of action of the fascicles, especially since Reeves and colleagues (30,31) have demonstrated that the force-velocity relation is not influenced by strength training using regular strength training machines.
Poorly formed fascicles of plump smooth muscle cells with focal clear cell change and adjacent thick-walled, tortuous blood vessels with smooth muscle cells emanating from the vessel walls (hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification X10).
Due to differences in pennation, superficial fascicles would display a higher excursion than deeper fascicles immediately after injury (Lieber and Friden, 2000).
As the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus was dislocated anteriorly, the popliteus tendon might be pulled anteriorly onto the articular surface of the LTP by the fibrous band, which was considered to be the posteroinferior (or third) popliteomeniscal fascicle [15,16].
Serpentine-like appearance of fibroadipose tissue intermingled with nerve fascicles.
Conidiophores arising from superficial mycelium in loose fascicles of 8 to15, pale to light golden yellow, emerging from substomatal stroma, somewhat irregular in width, sparingly, mostly simple often variously curved, sometimes once mildly geniculate near tip, 0-3 transversely septate 15-50 x 4-6 x u m, rarely branched.
Histopathologically, they are a well-circumscribed, poorly encapsulated, dermal proliferations of peripheral nerve fascicles.
While earlier scholars have argued that Dickinson intended the fascicles to function as books, Socarides counters that Dickinson uses not the fascicle but rather the individual folded sheet as "her primary unit of construction" (26).
On exploratory surgery, a large segment of the right ulnar nerve was replaced with necrotic tissue (Figures 2a and 2b) and no nerve fascicles were discernible even under an operating microscope.
The local subgroup of the erector spinae are those muscles whose fascicles originate and insert on the vertebrae of the lumbar spine and pelvis (Bergmark 1989).
In this patient, the neural fascicles were evenly interspersed by fat at the level of the carpal tunnel and and distal to it.
2,4,5) Schwannomas, on the other hand, can be separated surgically from the nerve fascicles avoiding neurologic deficits.
Techniques are available to selectively activate individual fascicles or groups within a nerve and to mathematically represent the neural behavior in response to stimulation [19-21].