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a sheet or band of fibrous connective tissue separating or binding together muscles and organs etc

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Late repair of simultaneous bilateral distal biceps brachii tendon avulsion with fascia lata graft.
Tensor de la Fascia Lata (TFL) en la parte medial del musculo en su porcion craneal.
Chronic bilateral plantar fasciitis secondary to longstanding poor biomechanical foot function with associated muscle hypertonicity of the gastrocnemius/soleus complex, tensor fascia lata and mild atrophy of the right vastus medialis oblique.
Allogenic cadaver graft of fascia lata 5 cm wide and 12 cm long was double-wrapped around the ulna in the first case and around the radius in the second case and was anchored to the bone by suture anchors (mini-mitek 2/0).
ABSORBABLES: Natural- surgical gut (plain and chromic), collagen, fascia lata, cargile membrane, kangaroo tendon.
Free anterolateral thigh fascia lata flap for complex nasal lining defects.
Interpositional materials like temporalis muscle, fascia, auricular cartilage, dermis, fascia lata, silastic, lyodura etc have been used but temporalis muscle and fascia are the most common options considered worldwide.
Replacement of ruptured Achilles tendon by fascia lata grafting.
2007) compararam os efeitos da ITR sobre a estabilizacao intra-articular com fascia lata em caes e notaram similitude entre as alteracoes clinicas e radiograficas em avaliacoes pos-operatorias.
When asked to passively abduct the right leg from a side lying position, the patient's hip rotated posteriorly as the tensor fascia lata (TFL) appeared to substitute for the abductors in performing the movement.
Use of the fascia lata as a tissue source is more common, but not trouble free.
Allografts processed by RTI include the patented MD-SeriesTM threaded bone dowels, Cornerstone-SR(TM) blocks, Osteofil/Regenafil(R) injectable bone paste, FasLata(TM) fascia lata tissue, and cortical bone pins and interference screws.
In this study we aim to evaluate and compare the surgical outcome and complications of following surgeries being done for uncomplicated congenital ptosis: levator resection, fascia lata sling, silicon rod sling, Fasanella Servat surgery.
For example, autologous facial sling grafts, including the fascia lata graft, result in morbidity at the donor site, require multiple incisions, and are prone to recurrence of facial ptosis with laxity of the graft.