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a person of Iranian descent

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the language of Persia (Iran) in any of its ancient forms

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Speaking about the difference between 'Ethmar as a financing entity and Al Raffd Fund , al- Farsi explained that by studying the applications submitted to the Fund or the projects funded over two years, itis noted that there are ideas for projects of an innovative nature , whether technical , tourist , in green economy, or immaterial economy, adding that those cannot be funded by Al Raffd Fund because their implementation requires a high risk and the Fund does not require collateral mainly in accordance with its financing policies, while commercial banks require collateral for financing which is not sometimes available to the owner of the idea, which, if applied according to the specific conditions , would be an added value for the national economy.
The move to introduce the Farsi service was welcomed by commenters as a "much-needed" step that is "frustratingly overdue.
Al Farsi also revealed details of other hotel projects planned in the Sultanate.
For Farsi the best way to retain the character and feel of Jeddah was to purchase, commission and create sculptures by some of the biggest names.
About Farsi GeoTech Farsi GeoTech started in 1982 in Jeddah and has branches across Saudi Arabia.
akhar" seems to be an appropriate choice since it conveys roughly the same meaning and when it is used as a coordinating conjunction in Farsi, it shows the "half-logical-ness" of "for" as well.
Farsi Foundation (The MSFF) announced today that it will establish a $500,000 scholarship fund for college students from Tunisia and Egypt to spend their junior year studying at the American University in Washington DC beginning in the fall of 2012.
In April 2009 India's state-owned Oil & Natural Gas Corp (ONGC) found the Binaloud heavy oilfield in the offshore Gulf block of Farsi containing about 1bn barrels.
Before the family-owned Marjan TV Network, based in Britain, opened Manoto in 2010, another channel, Farsi 1, opened in 2009 by Broadcast Middle East, based in Dubai, was already gaining a following with a diet of dubbed entertainment shows from the U.
Secretary General of the Omani Football Association Saleh al Farsi arrived on Friday for a Yemen visit during which he will attend the meeting of the 20th Gulf Cup Technical Committee.
The new Turkish and Farsi services will also include economic indicator headlines and Dow Jones's Market Talk feature.
Leading art business Christie's has sold a collection of Egyptian art collected by Middle East art patron Dr Mohammed Said Farsi for Dh24.
India's state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) heads a consortium which has exclusive exploration rights for the offshore Farsi block of which the Farzad-B gas field is part.
Summary: "Like our previous concerts, we will sing in Farsi and in Kurdish," Kamkar noted.
Farsi has decided to part with afurther thirty masterpieces from his collection at the upcoming auction ofInternational Modern and Contemporary Art on 26 October 2010 in Dubai.