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United States admiral who commanded Union ships during the American Civil War (1801-1870)

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He traces the blockade from its meager beginnings in 1862, whose ineffectiveness led to the relief of its first two commanders, and to the command of Farragut, whose leadership and strategic vision Browning argues was instrumental to overcoming obstacles and establishing an effective, albeit not perfect, blockade, while achieving the naval victory in Mobile Bay that has cemented his legacy.
The Iranian frigate aimed manned weapons at a US helicopter practicing landings on a coalition vessel being accompanied by the USS Farragut in the Gulf of Aden on July 25, Navy spokesman Lt.
A mixed-use building at 2025 Nostrand Avenue, located between Farragut and Glenwood Roads in Brooklyn's Flatbush neighborhood, was sold in an all-cash transaction valued at $775,000.
It confirmed he was on leave from his post on board the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Farragut while it was docked in Bahrain.
The US sent the destroyer USS Farragut to the area to monitor the situation.
Another person was found shot in the abdomen at Farragut Road and 32nd Street, while a sixth man walked into Kings County Hospital Center saying he had been shot at the Flatbush Avenue address, sources said.
HOLDEN -- A fatal fire at a house on Farragut Way in October was set by the victim, authorities announced Monday.
Presented here are 16 profiles of foreign-born men who were involved in the Revolutionary War: Philip Mazzei, Thomas Paine, Haym Solomon, Francis Salvador, John Barry, Gustavus Conyngham, John Paul Jones, George Farragut, Pierce Butler, Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Charles Armand, Michael Kovats, Baron Johann De Kalb, Count Casimir Pulaski, Peter Francisco, and Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Von Steuben.
Heading the team is Dr Alan Farragut, played by Billy Campbell.
As the Civil War wound toward conclusion, Union naval forces led by Rear Admiral David Farragut set their sights on the capture of Mobile Bay, Ala.
The central character is Ezekiel Farragut, a college professor convicted of murder who, despite his elite background, has to share his cell with a band of criminals known by their nicknames-Tennis, Chicken Number Two, The Cuckold, Bumpo and Tiny.
In 1983 he founded Farragut Publishing, which had early success with a series of cookbooks co-written by his wife, Maxine.
Farragut has been named the 2011 Most Business-Friendly City in Tennessee by the non-profit, free-market think tank Beacon Center of Tennessee.
Based on the play Farragut North by Beau Willimon, this political thriller is directed by George Clooney and stars the director himself along with a dream cast comprising Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei and Jeffrey Wright.