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king of Egypt who in 1952 was ousted by a military coup d'etat (1920-1965)


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King Farouk of Egypt was an ardent stamp collector as was former US President Dwight D.
Tharwat Okasha (1921 -- 2012) was an army officer involved in the Free Officers Movement, along with former president Nasser and his comrades, which toppled King Farouk of Egypt from his crown in what is known as the July Revolution of 1952.
There were titles galore--Princess Bismarck, ex Mona Williams, Princess Mafalda of Savoy, Prince and Princess Hercolani, Count and Countess Crespi, Countess Ciano, the daughter of Mussolini, and even King Farouk of Egypt, the corpulent sybarite who hung out at the Piazzetta, where the fabled hotel Quisisana was located.
Because many families have been coming here for generations (including those of King Farouk of Egypt, King Gustaf of Sweden, and Emperor Akihito of Japan), there is a "friends and family" feel about the place, especially at the ritual 5 o'clock tea, where a splendid selection of fresh pastry is served by white-gloved staff in the hotel's gigantic main hall while a pianist plays soft music in a corner.
Though they were the least valued objects made by glasshouses in the 19th century, glass paperweights held an allure for such famed collectors as Empress Eugenie of France, King Farouk of Egypt, and French writer Colette.
A MERCEDES-Benz that Adolf Hitler gave to King Farouk of Egypt as a wedding present is set to fetch up to pounds 1.
Since then, it has belonged to King Farouk of Egypt and Queen Ratna of Nepal, and was finally bought by an anonymous Hong Kong investor for pounds 1.
Also, most Palestinians hailed the overthrow of King Farouk of Egypt in 1952 and became the most enthusiastic supporters of Egypt's revolutionary leader, Gamal Abdul Nasser.
When King Farouk of Egypt was deposed, we learn, the boom in paperweights crashed, as he was its principal author; when Vollard and his chauffeur swerved and crashed, his last words were, ".