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a self-governing colony that is a possession of Denmark in the Faroe Islands

a group of 21 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands

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The Faroe Isles and Kazakhstan should be cannon-fodder for their opponents.
Yet Martin Jol's Fulham have already been traipsing around Europe for a month, from the Faroe Isles to split in Croatia, via the seaview stadium in Belfast where Crusaders play.
According to the figures compiled by a foreign football expert, Wales and the Faroe Isles are placed neck and neck in the seedings battle.
Once Ireland kick off their World Cup qualifying campaign in September they will face trips to France, Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus and the Faroe Isles in the year that follows.
The Republic have a tough group which includes European champions France as well as Switzerland, Israel, Cyprus and the Faroe Isles.
Not an obvious choice but the Faroe Isles offer an abundance of wildlife with Mother Nature at her most dramatic -yet they're just a short flight from Aberdeen or Stansted.
It is the first time a nation has gone from the bottom to the top in the space of one tournament, having been ranked lower than even the Faroe Isles last time out.
Ahmed made an amazing start when he held International Master John Rodgaard from Faroe Isles having the FIDE ranking of 2361 to draw in his first round match.
A superb itinerary giving the chance not only to visit and circumnavigate the stunning 'Land of Fire and Ice' and its wonderful capital Reykjavik, but also to call at the Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Isles, remote outposts of Denmark and the UK.
Midfielder Aron Gunnarsson (pictured right) was Iceland's captain in their last match, against France, and he could face flying back to the UK from Reykjavic after a friendly against the Faroe Isles.
30pm (all friendlies); N Ireland v Faroe Isles Euro 2012 qualifier SS1 7.
Barring a last minute change of policy by FIFA, Wales will be ranked in pot six for the first time in their history - usurped by the Faroe Isles who have moved into pot five.
FED-UP Scottish motorists could become "petrol tourists" - to the remote Faroe Isles.
In 1971 Graham went to the Faroe Isles to study pilot whales and dolphins' behaviour and several months later travelled to the Falklands.