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a self-governing colony that is a possession of Denmark in the Faroe Islands

a group of 21 volcanic islands in the North Atlantic between Iceland and the Shetland Islands

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TWO hundred miles north of Scotland and 300 miles from Iceland sit the Faroe Islands, surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean.
Atlantic Airways has provided domestic helicopter services in the Faroe Islands since 1994 and SAR since it was initiated in 2001.
Unexplained outbreaks of MS were reported in isolated groups of people during World War II, most famously among the inhabitants of the Faroe Islands in the far North Atlantic.
While City have never been to the Faroe Islands before and new arrival Jo probably does not even know where it is, Hughes has experienced the unique nature of the country before.
A 90th minute goal by Hans Frooei Hansen gave the battling part-timers of the Faroe Islands a 1-1 draw.
He said: "I like the Irish people very much but I hope they lose against Cyprus - and hopefully, we beat the Faroe Islands.
Together with the recent licence award in the UK 27th Licence Round, this new award confirms that DONG Energy's oil & gas business, DONG E&P, is a major player in the Faroe Islands and in the UK West of Shetland region, and it also confirms that DONG E&P is the company with most licence interests in this prospective region.
Here, MailSport looks at the best and worst draws for Scotland: DREAM DRAW: Wales, Iceland, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Azerbaijan, Andorra.
For hundreds of years the people of the Faroe Islands have been herding migrating pilot whales from the sea into shallow water and slaughtering them.
Lebanon and other countries in North Africa, Europe and the Middle East will witness a partial solar eclipse, while the Faroe Islands, a tiny country off the northern coast of the U.
Sailing from Liverpool on MV Azores Departs 30 July 2015 This summertime voyage from Liverpool brings the chance not only to visit and circumnavigate the stunning land of fire and ice and its wonderful, fascinating capital Reykjavik, but also to make a rare call at the beautiful, remote outposts of the Outer Hebrides and Faroe Islands Price includes ?
And he is adamant teams such as Gibraltar, the Faroe Islands and San Marino should be made to compete in a pre-qualifying tournament.
from the University of the Faroe Islands and is a recipient of the
The new terminal building at Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands is operational.
Take a cruise from Southampton to the Nordic destinations of Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.