Farmer-Labor Party

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a former minor political party in the United States in the early 20th century

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Mondale who was endorsed by the Democratic Farmer-Labor party last Wednesday.
There they discussed a number of important political topics confronting the party, including work both within Labor's Non-Partisan League and the Democratic Party in order to insure the continuation and survival of the New Deal past the 1940 elections, and the CP's problematic relationship with the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party.
SCU leaders strongly supported working with organized labor, encouraging members to form local farmer-labor cooperatives and to support candidates of the fledgling Farmer-Labor Party when they ran for political office.
Founded when Democrats merged with the leftwing populists of the old Farmer-Labor party in the 1940s, the Democratic-Farmer Labor Party's core membership is perhaps the most progressive of any state Democratic party in the nation.
There were episodes in the 1930s--for instance, in the state government of Minnesota under Floyd Olson, who represented the Farmer-Labor party.