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Synonyms for farm



Synonyms for farm

be a farmer

Related Words

collect fees or profits

cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

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Target: 840 irrigated, farmable acres near Willcox, Arizona
Underlying those efforts, it should be argued is the need to look after the existing stock of farmable land.
Still, opium poppy is grown in less than three percent of farmable land; nearly 10 times more is devoted to wheat production.
Noho Hewa does not give the details of the agreement, but according to Honolulu Star Bulletin reporter Nina Wu, Monsanto "entered a 99-year lease for 1,650 acres of land, of which about 1,200 are farmable.
Currently Qatar imports 90 per cent of its food and a mere six per cent of its land is farmable.
An environmental-friendly image was developed when R and D produced a farmable tree, which grows well locally and spares old-growth trees, grown by one million corporate family farmers.
An example might be a rocky corner of a fence row or a little piece of land that has never been farmable.
which trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker LAND, has acquired a farm near Salem with 209 total acres and 206 farmable acres for $3.
The book is dedicated to the memory of Katherine Storm, MD, from Perkasie, Pennsylvania, who retained Tippin's father to wrest farmable land from swamp and jungle, and bring fruition to Storm Grove, a premier citrus venture in Vero Beach, Florida.
About a third of the planet's farmable land is infertile due to over-use.
In particular, how can we balance the decreases in the numbers of farmers and farmable acreage, as well as decreases in the resources specific to food production, with the world's increasing food requirements?
However, it is estimated that only 1%2% of the nation's farmable territory has so far been under cultivation at any one Lime.
It is clear that, with no new farmable land available to bring into cultivation, we must develop higher-yielding varieties of these three cereals to meet the growing global demand for food.
Underlying those ambitions are what TyM head Mehmet BE-yE-kekE-i said is a major increase in acreage devoted to olive production, stating over the weekend that a major push by farmers and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry has nearly doubled the number of farmable olive trees over the past year.
He added that the revenues may be utilized in agricultural aspects, especially the Islamic countries have expansive farmable lands that need capital for their utilization.