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Synonyms for farm



Synonyms for farm

be a farmer

Related Words

collect fees or profits

cultivate by growing, often involving improvements by means of agricultural techniques

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It is not that shortage of cultivable land in the vicinity of homesteads forces families to establish new gardens some distance from established ones, a glance across settled neighbourhoods reveals sizable areas of uncleared farmable land.
54) Autobiographers also frequently mention whether the parents enlarged the farmable land, went fishing in questionable weather, how they related to the servants and how well they managed the workers.
The completion of a large dam on the Senegal River several years ago expanded farmable floodplains and drew the promise of considerable outside investment by Western agricultural companies, Horowitz says.
10-lakh financial support to each of bereaved families apart from a job and farmable land to eligible persons.
The United Nations estimates that to feed the world's increasing population, global food production must double by 2050 and that 70% of this "added supply' must come from technology-enabled production efficiency improvements because most of the world's farmable land is already in use.
Last week, the city officially closed the application process for people who want to lease 160 acres of farmable land surrounding Golden Gardens Park in northwest Eugene.
If the EU is not prepared to adopt the US model to stabilise prices and farmers' incomes, and insists that a farmer takes 7% of his land takes out of production regardless of whether is farmable or covered with trees, hedges or water, the EU will become increasingly dependent on food imports.
Al-Habsi added that the Sultanate's fish farming is still in the primary phase compared to other countries within the current development in the Sultanate's fish farming research sector as the Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry managed to prepare applied studies on farmable species of marine organisms that live in the Sultanate's waters, such as abalone, lobster and marine trepang, in addition to, other finned fish, such as, hamour and Argyrops spinife.
The Ewloe Castel land includes 16 acres of farmable land, the rest being woodland and the ruins of the castle.
We have almost a million hectares (3,900 square miles) of farmable land in the region, of which 62 per cent is already in some form of environmentally friendly stewardship (the agreements drawn up between farmers and the Government, through which farmers take account of water quality, wildlife protection and special landscape character in their land management).
is losing tons of topsoil every year reducing the amount of farmable land.
In addition, Brazil has 19% of the world's total farmable land - yet there is huge potential as only 10% of this is being used.
Sapphire Energy's process is economic, scalable and sustainable as it doesn't compete for farmable land or fresh water, and absorbs and reuses CO2 emissions.
a Au10 million fund for farmers suffering water-logged fields to help restore it to farmable land as quickly as possible.