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distillery where wine is made


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Attimo Winery is an Award Winning Winery and Montgomery County's (Virginia) 1st Farm Winery.
The orchard's Obadiah McIntyre Farm Winery has used about 3,000 pounds of berries for next year's vintages.
Newman; Mark Chien, Wine Grape Agent with the Penn State University Cooperative Extension Office; Debra Deis, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Wine Association (PWA); Don Chapman, owner of Brookmere Farm Winery and president of the PWA and Eric Miller, owner of Chaddsford Winery.
of Charlton Orchards and Obadiah McIntyre Farm Winery and Marianne McCarthy of Signal Rock Farm will discuss the joys and pitfalls of running a local farm at 6:30 p.
winemaker at Charlton Orchard's Obadiah McIntyre Farm Winery, could have used a little help from his friends to haul off
Participating wineries: Alexander & Wayne, Arthur Earl, The Brander Vineyard, Buttonwood Farm Winery, Casa Cassara Wines, Daniel Gehrs Wines, Dreamcote Wine Company, Imagine Wine, Lincourt Vineyards, Lucas & Lewellen, Lucky Dogg Winery, Rideau Vineyard, Standing Sun Wines, Toccata Wines, and Toretti Family Vineyard.
House said direct shipping accounted for 35 percent of her business before the state legislation banned all direct shipments when it passed the Small Farm Winery Law in 2007.
SRJC's Shone Farm Winery Pinot Noir won silver, Zinfandel won bronze, and Chardonnay won silver.
Among other sites, concrete eggs are used in the Glenora Winery, the first Farm Winery in the Finger Lakes, NY In 2013, UNESCO recognized qvevris and qvevri-vvinemaking, and placed them on the 'Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Qvevris last for a very long time.
Ward and Perrin will pour the award-winning Chocolate Raspberry, Red Rooster and Peach Pear wines from Amherst Farm Winery in Amherst.
In one photograph you will see the Chard Farm winery in the Otago area, which we approached via a very steep winding road.
Taking a balloon ride over the Barossa Valley, followed by a personal wine amongst the vineyards at Hentley Farm winery (South Australia);
Konstantin Frank, and the seminal political battles that ushered in the Farm Winery Act of 1976, and opened up the state for boutique wineries and fine wine production.