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a wheeled vehicle with large wheels

a truck that has a cab but no body

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It's the same as asking "is a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe just another farm tractor because both vehicles have four wheels and a steering wheel?
A farm of less than 100 acres and a "simple" operation only requires a farm tractor with about 30 horsepower.
Hand Tractor, Power Trailer, 24 HP 4x4 Farm Tractor w/ Accessories,26 HP 4x4 Farm Tractor w/ Accessories, Beach Cleaner & Chili, Ginger & Herbal Grinder
Provision of vehicles and equipment in 2014Lot 1: Sweeper / Suction ultra-compact (a firm order and a conditional phase);Lot 2: Panelled van October-December m3 + recovery;Lot 3: Farm Tractor with front loader + 2 times;Lot 4: Rotobroyeuse side shoulder;Lot 5: Clapper + front cover;Lot 6: Hedge off arm + recovery
Tenders are invited for Farm Tractor MFWD with Side Boom Cutter and Rear Flail Mowing Deck.
CAMARILLO - A 50-year-old man died Thursday after he was pinned under a farm tractor at a nursery in the 8600 block of Santa Rosa Road, the Ventura County Fire Department reported.
This contract is for the supply of - Item 1: A (01) Truck Rolloff;- Item 2: twelve (12) removable housings capacity of 15 m3;- Item 3: A (01) farm tractor with trailer with payload of 3,000 kg;- Item 4: A (01) farm tractor with trailer payload of 5000 kg.
Supply of spare parts for farm tractors years 2015-2018 departmental park.
Heavy trucks and farm tractors are giving increased visibility to a RIM material that attracted little publicity for more than a decade.
The youngsters also can look at farm tractors, other heavy machinery and even a team of mules.
The new facility will manufacture farm tractors while Deere's existing factory in Brazil will focus on combines and planting equipment.
Highlights include 410+ farm tractors, 290 headers, 235+ combines, 95+ swathers, 95+ cultivators, 60 harrows, 45+ air drills, 85+ grain trucks and more.
Plus, there were over 160 farm tractors and 40 mixer trucks.