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a minor-league team that is owned by a major-league team (especially in baseball)

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The nonprofit group, affiliated with the American Tree Farm System and American Forest Foundation, is geared toward helping family forest landowners manage land while conserving forests, water and wildlife, and supporting Oregon's wood products industry.
The USDA Forest Service, Forest Stewardship Program is a vital partner with the Mississippi Forestry Commission and the American Tree Farm System in Mississippi.
The waste of time and money in creating a farm system is enormous.
Telit is very proud to be an integral part of this innovative smart farm system," said Dominikus Hierl, chief marketing officer at Telit Wireless Solutions.
Hence, it is not our intention in this paper to consider how the management of all environmental inputs, using a combination of system regulators, influences the dynamic behaviour of the farm system as a whole.
Therefore, the consumption of food for human and feed for livestock contributes to the NAR, and imported food and feed N can be the same as N application in farm system.
So if the lack of an addition ends up hurting the Angels in a bid for their second World Series title in five years, well at least they can hoist the trophy for their farm system of the year title (does the MLN give a trophy?
Charlie Morgan is looking forward to finding out how the Monitor Farm system and tech-nology transfer in NZ has progressed.
The American Tree Farm System was established in 1952, also.
Drawing again from the baseball diamond, Epstein compares this to a ball club's farm system.
Rose Lane, as 1999 National Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year by the American Tree Farm System.
With a farm system in place, the NBA and each of its major league teams would have the option to still sign the players, but develop them more slowly in the CBA before bringing them up to prime time.
The studios have long used the independent film world as a farm system for writers, directors, and virtually every other position in movies.
She shows how the contours of the collective farm system were formed by the struggle between state and peasantry.
Integrated farm system plans, as conceived of by the committee, can be simple, but they do involve thinking of the whole farm as a system and taking note of how the producer gathers information and makes decisions.