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Synonyms for livestock

farm animals

Synonyms for livestock

any animals kept for use or profit

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American Humane Association's most recent survey shows overwhelming popular support for the humane treatment of farm animals.
Through implementing the microchipping system of farm animals, which was previously limited to the microchipping programme for pet cats and dogs, Dubai Municipality aims to encourage local farmers to adopt and follow a regulated health and safety standard when selling their produce, including meat and dairy products.
According to the organisation few people realise that, although having their own individual personalities, farm animals can be kept in ways that wouldn't be considered acceptable for pets.
That is why this week is the RSPCA's Farm Animal Week (September 29 to October 5) and this year we will be raising awareness of the cramped conditions in which millions of farm animals spend their lives, but we can't do this alone.
So please think animal welfare - especially now during Farm Animal Week.
Complementing earlier work done with the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC), the CAHC, will update existing animal care codes for the poultry sector and develop three new codes of practice for additional sectors.
Outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness associated with farm animals peak in the spring and summer when visits tend to be more popular.
Farm animal medicine and surgery; for small animal veterinarians.
Americans are a compassionate people, with 95 percent saying that farm animals should be well cared for.
org to support a petition to the EU Commissioner for Health demanding that farm animals have a life free of suffering, stress and routine drug dependence.
In The Omnivore's Dillema, Pollan writes that domestication of farm animals "has allowed us and them to prosper together as we could never have prospered apart.
Most of these farm animals are kept in conditions the RSPCA thinks are unacceptable and that's why we need your help.
HEALTH experts are reminding people to wash their hands after touching farm animals this Easter.
To commemorate its 25th anniversary, PR Works, Edgartown, MA, is donating a portion of its 2011 earnings to "Food for the Poor," which will use the funds to provide farm animals and equipment to families in Caribbean and Latin America nations.
The ASA has fired a broadside at the Organic Trade Board for suggesting that all organic farm animals are raised to higher-welfare standards than conventionally farmed animals.
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