Farm Credit System

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a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses

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The Farm Credit System is chartered and tasked to serve all agriculture in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, all the time.
The vote comes just a month after the Independent Bankers asked FCA to explain how one Farm Credit System member was granted permission to help finance Verizon Communication's deal to buy out Vodafone's share of their joint Verizon Wireless venture.
During the 1970s and 1980s, most real estate debt was concentrated among two primary lenders--the Farm Credit System and individuals selling land on contract (Figure 2).
Given the government tax and funding advantages that the Farm Credit System institutions enjoy, private sector accounting firms would find it difficult to compete with Farm Credit System institutions in this broad sector of business clients.
A bipartisan group of senators is urging its colleagues to enable more local businesses engaged in alternative energy production to gain access to the Farm Credit System.
Part of the cooperative nationwide Farm Credit system, American AgCredit is the nation's seventh largest agricultural lending cooperative.
At the same time that Congress examines and possibly modifies the FSA loan programs, it may address several issues concerning the Farm Credit System (FCS).
Farm Credit System, for six years, and was a partner in Furash & Co.
Ag Lender" is published monthly for a paid circulation of 900 providers of agricultural credit, including professionals at commercial banks, farm credit system loan officers and corporate agribusinesses financial officers.
Wellstone stood with us on courthouse and Capitol steps in the 1980s, fighting against the foreclosures of family farms by the Farm Credit System, major insurance companies and the banks, and fighting for fair prices and fair treatment for family farms.
GAO-02-304 March 8, 2002 Text GAO reviewed the Farm Credit Administration's (FCA) regulation of the Farm Credit System (System) to ensure compliance with its statutory mission to serve young, beginning, and small farmers (YBS).
And it prevents the Farm Credit System or other government-sponsored enterprises from sponsoring credit unions, which would compete with commercial banks.
He spent years in and out of court fighting the farm credit system, and managed to hold onto his land only by learning the intracacies of agricultural law with the help of various grassroots farm groups, many of which eventually evolved into patriot organizations.
Debt trends generally followed land prices, so when land prices declined, the Farm Credit System lost collateral value, which led to its well-publicized problems of the mid-'80s.
The Farm Credit System bailout bill that Reagan signed the same day will also do little to still the growing insurgency against the system's lending and foreclosure policies, and its plans to centralize its local associations.
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