Farm Credit System

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a cooperative nationwide system of banks and associations providing credit to farmers and related businesses

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Successful completion of the exchange offer will result in an enhanced capital position for CoBank with a higher core surplus ratio under current applicable Farm Credit Administration regulations and interpretations.
Stark has held several leadership positions with FCSAmerica since 1985 along with a two-year examiner/supervisor role with the Farm Credit Administration.
It was against this grim backdrop that the Farm Credit Administration (then an agency of USDA) and its Cooperative Marketing Division in the early 1930s decided to launch a new periodical to promote better understanding and greater use of cooperatives.
Among those are Jill Long Thompson to be a member of the Farm Credit Administration board of directors; Michael Punke to be a deputy U.
Successful completion of the "Exchange Offer" will result in an enhanced capital position for CoBank with a higher core surplus ratio under applicable Farm Credit Administration regulations.
The net proceeds from the issuances of subordinated debt were used primarily to increase each of the Bank's regulatory permanent capital and total surplus pursuant to Farm Credit Administration regulations and for general corporate purposes.
President Obama has designated Jill Long Thompson as chair and CEO of the Farm Credit Administration (FCA).
USDA budget (in millions of dollars) FY 2008 FY 2009 PROGRAM estimated proposed Export credits 5,291 5,333 PL-480 Food for Peace (food aid) 1,213 1,226 Market access program 200 200 Conservation reservation program 1,949 1,854 Environmental quality program 1,000 1,067 Wetlands Reserve -- 441 Conservation security program 396 469 Food stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance) 39,783 53,969 Child nutrition 13,901 14,952 Women, infants, children 6,020 6,860 School food 99 100 Meat inspection 930 972 Food and Drug Administration 2,235 2,622 Commodity Futures Commission 111 146 Farm Credit Administration 46 49 TOTAL 92,914 108,087
20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of United FCS ACA, in response to recent controversies and at the request of its regulator, the Farm Credit Administration (FCA), adopted several actions at its September 14th Board meeting to unify and strengthen the Association.
The investment has been reviewed and approved by the System's regulator, the Farm Credit Administration.
Dallas Tonsager: Member of the Farm Credit Administration, former state director in USDA's rural development efforts, former president of the South Dakota Farmers Union, and a one-time aide to Daschle.
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